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Be Careful Who You Trust: Not Everyone You Hang Out With Is Your Friend

Be Careful Who You Trust: Not Everyone You Hang Out With Is Your Friend

In life, you’ll meet a lot of people. Some of them will share the same interests with you, some will not agree with your opinions, some will enjoy being by your side, some will hurt you, some will openly tell you that they can’t stand you, some will accept you for who you are. And some of them will pretend to be your friends.

These people will come into your life wearing a mask. They will fool you into thinking that they care about you when in reality, they will only care about using you to their advantage.

I’m sure we’ve all met them or at some point had them in our lives. They are known as fake friends and they are the only people that you should be on the lookout for.

Here are 5 warning signs that your “friend” is not your real friend:

1. Their fake smile reveals their character. We all fake smile occasionally. But when a person has a constant, creepy smile on their face, no matter the circumstances, it is more than obvious that their smile is not genuine. Because let’s be honest. No one can be 24/7 happy and be okay with everything in life.

2. Their story is always changing. When someone tells the truth, it is really easy to conclude that they are being honest. A genuine person, a real friend will tell it like it is and you will be able to sense their honesty by the story they tell. Their story will never change. Most importantly, it will make sense. Now, a liar on the other hand… A liar will struggle to get their story true. Those inconsistencies will be enough for you to notice that they are not telling the truth.

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3. Their body language gives them away. A liar can be recognized by the way they walk, the way they talk or even the way they stand. Trust me, even the best liar out there can be given away by their body language. If someone you know constantly fidgets, looks nervous, cannot look you in the eyes or makes certain pauses while they talk, they are lying to you.

4. They are never there to support you. True friends would never leave you alone when you need them the most. A fake friend, on the other hand, would only be there for you when they need something from you. They will do their best to convince you of their affection for you, and just when you think that they really care, they will ask for a favor.

5. Your gut feeling gives you a good reason to doubt them. If you ask me, this is perhaps the most accurate sign. Why? Because your intuition will never lie to you. There is always a good reason why our inner gut makes us feel a certain way. Those are all warning signs that we must never avoid. If you have a negative feeling about someone you hang out with, that is probably because there is something wrong with that person. Trust your gut and find out what it is.


Stephanie Reeds