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Appreciate Your Blunt Friends – They Will Always Tell You The Truth

Appreciate Your Blunt Friends – They Will Always Tell You The Truth

Why are we such hypocrites?

We say we want to know the truth and be surrounded with honest, blunt and open-minded friends, but the minute someone says something like that to our faces, we completely lose our minds. We feel betrayed, judged and criticized. We think they are trying to attack us, when in fact, they are just doing what they know best. Being themselves and telling the truth.

Let’s get one thing straight. Blunt friends are not your enemies.

They are the people who will always tell you how it is, no matter what. The people who will take care of you when no one else does. The people who will not be afraid to confront you when you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life.

Here’s why blunt friends are the best people to be around:

1. They say what they feel. Without worrying about what someone might think or say about them. Blunt friends firmly and plainly state their opinions, no matter how different or unacceptable they may be. It is in their nature to be so open about everything.

2. They are not afraid of change. Blunt friends don’t shy away from the unknown. They cannot be intimidated by obstacles. Everything that happens to them, no matter how unpredictable and surprising, they always accept it with open arms. In the end, each lesson that life gives them is just a step forward.

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3. They live a passionate and colorful life. Blunt friends follow their dreams and never let anyone discourage them from being who they really are. They don’t need approval or permission to live their life by their own rules. They just follow the beat to their own drum. Everything they do in life is based on their passions and innermost desires. After all, the heart knows best.

4. They know how to say I am sorry. Apologizing is really hard for some people. So much that there are people who would never even admit they are wrong, let alone say I am sorry for them. Blunt people are nothing like them. They are not afraid to take responsibility for their actions and own up to their mistakes.

5. They need meaningful friendships. People and friends of substance. Authentic individuals who will add value to their lives. Genuine souls that will vibrate on the same level as them and immediately connect with them. People who will have deep and honest conversations about life. Blunt friends don’t care about what’s on the outside. They are drawn to people’s real nature. Their inner spirit. Their essence. Their personality. A pure soul and a pleasant conversation is something that they will always choose over a pretty face or a nice figure.

6. They don’t judge. A blunt friend would never ever turn their back on you and judge you for your actions. Especially not in front of other people. Whatever you choose to do, they will always have your back.

7. They never talk behind people’s backs. Blunt friends don’t like to gossip or trash someone behind their back. Whatever they feel they need to say, they say it out loud. A blunt friend is not someone who would compliment you just because they are your friend. Don’t expect fake kindness from them. You won’t get it.

8. They inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Some people find it hard to let their friends know what they need to change in themselves. This is usually the result of fear. The fear of insulting someone, the fear of being misunderstood and eventually the fear of not fitting in. Blunt friends don’t care about any of this. When it comes to telling the truth, they are brutally honest. Ultimately, that’s what makes them the best people to be around.

Stephanie Reeds