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Anything Is Possible When You Have True Friends To Support You

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Friendship is one soul in two bodies. It is two hearts beating the same as one. It is recognizing our own strengths and weaknesses in another living, breathing human being.

Friendship is perhaps one of the most important and most beautiful things in the entire universe. But the saddest thing about it is that not everyone out there gets to experience it during their time on Earth.

So, if you are blessed to be surrounded by people who truly care for you and love you exactly the way you are, you, my friend, have truly hit the jackpot in life.

Hold onto the people who are not afraid to tell you how much they love you and please, don’t ever forget to remind them just how much they mean to you… Because losing a part of them would mean losing a part of yourself…

Here are 10 qualities that make real friendships special:

1. You are your true self around them. You are not afraid to share your fears, insecurities, and doubts with them because you know that your secrets will always be safe with this person. You have the freedom to be your true self without worrying if your friend will accept you. They already did. And they love you more than you know.  

2. You trust each other. You trust them with your heart. And they know that they can rely on you as well. Whatever you do, you know that you’d never ever do something to cause each other pain.   

3. You feel comfortable being quiet together. This is perhaps the greatest sign that you’ve found a person worth keeping. Feeling completely comfortable in silence shows that you have a truly intimate connection. Be grateful for it.

4. You respect their different opinions. You both have different ideas and different opinions on certain subjects. But that has nothing to do with the love you have for one another. No matter how different your friend is, you’d never do anything to change her and make her think the same way that you do. It is the differences that brought you two even closer.

5. You share the same sense of humor. The best jokes happen when you two are together. Other people may not understand your secret language, but that doesn’t matter because you two are more than enough when it comes to having fun. You could spend your whole day laughing until your stomach hurts and you would still want more.   

6. You can really talk to each other without judging. Whatever it is, you really feel like you can share it with your best friend. Deep down you know that no matter what you’ve done, they’ll always find a way to put themselves into your shoes and understand the reason behind your actions.

7. You are always there when they need you and vice versa. You don’t hesitate to call them and ask them for a favor even if it’s in the middle of the night because you know that your friend would do anything to help you out. You can always count on each other when you need anything. That’s how much you two are committed to your friendship.

8. You are always honest with each other, no matter how painful and brutal the truth may be. You’d rather be hurt by the cold-hearted truth than comforted by a sweet, soothing lie. After all, that’s why friends are here for, right?

9. You support each other’s dreams. Even when the whole world is against you, you believe in each other. You believe in your strengths. You believe in your capabilities. You believe in your potential. You believe in your will power. You both know it in your heart that you are capable of achieving everything you put your mind to. That’s what drives you forward in life. That’s what gives you the strength to fight every obstacle along the road and succeed in your mission.

10. You have an unshakable connection. Time and space are never an issue. You can go on months without seeing each other and things would still be the same once you reconnect. It’s simple. The connection between the two of you is not an ordinary connection. It’s the kind of love that happens once in a lifetime.

Stephanie Reeds