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Anxiety Symptoms That Often Go Unnoticed But Are Very Common


Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression. Depression makes us want to stay at home and not want to do anything, and we do begin to go out and do things we stopped doing, we feel anxious. And anxiety often leads to depression because we stop ourselves to do things we want to do because we are scared and anxious to do it.

And anxiety has many symptoms and some are more common than we think. Here are 10 of them.

1. Dizziness

Anxiety can make a person feel dizzy and unsteady. They can have a hard time sitting down or standing up and they will often need to lie down for it to pass. The person’s vision may get blurred and they may feel as if the world is spinning.

2. Pains And Aches

Pains and aches that are sudden and unexpected can be due to anxiety. Because anxiety tenses up the muscles and that leads to pains and aches. And those pains and aches can happen at any part of your body and at any time.

3. Numbness, Coldness, or Tingly Feet and Hands

People with anxiety do experience strange sensations in their feet and hands when they are anxious. They could suddenly become cold, numb, or tingly because their body prepares for a ‘fight or flight’ action.

4. Insomnia

Having difficulty falling asleep is a common symptom of anxiety. No matter how exhausted they are, people struggling with anxiety suffer from insomnia. They can’t sleep. Their bodies are constantly tense and they can’t get themselves to relax.

5. Dry Mouth

Many anxious people have a dry mouth. Regardless of how much water they drink, their mouth is always dry.

6. Inability to Remain Still

People with anxiety can’t remain still. They shake. They tap. They sit down and stand up on repeat. They jiggle their legs and use fiddle toys. It is as if their anxiety is trying to get out of their body.

7. Palpitations

Anxiety can oftentimes cause a person to feel their heartbeat. They will feel as if their heart is going to rip their chest and escape their body. It’s that intense.

8. Lack of Concentration

People suffering from anxiety have so many thoughts that they can’t latch on to any of them. Their mind is always busy and that’s why they have difficulty focusing on one thing. They are restless and they lack concentration. They get distracted so often that it is very hard for them to read, follow conversations and trains of thought, or do anything.

9. Exhaustion

Anxiety makes people so tired and exhausted. They always have a dire need for napping and sleeping because their bodies and brain are going non-stop and they can’t sleep at night because of it.

10. Sweating and Hot Flushes

The sweating is very common for people with anxiety. And they don’t only sweat around their armpits, they sweat everywhere. Even their hands get sweaty and clammy. They also have hot flushes which is also a common symptom of anxiety.

If you have these symptoms you are suffering from anxiety and you need to seek professional help. Please don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach for help because they are many people with anxiety and you are not alone. You don’t have to face your anxiety alone.

Mary Wright