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All She Ever Wanted Was To Love And Be Loved, But You Pushed Her Away

All She Ever Wanted Was To Love And Be Loved, But You Pushed Her Away

She was the one who gave everything to you. The woman who chose you when everyone else left you. The woman who decided to accept you for who you are because she believed in you. She was the one who hoped you’d find everything that you need in her loving embrace. The one who wanted to be there for you. To be your everything. Forever and ever.

She was the one who loved you with all of her heart. The woman who fully committed herself to a life with you. The woman who dreamt of a future beside you. She gave both her body and soul to you.

But she didn’t need much to be truly happy. She was so humble and pure, that she never ever expected anything more than just true love. All she ever wanted was to love and be loved.

But no matter what she did… You always took her for granted.

The only thing this woman wanted from you was to acknowledge her love and maybe try to see her the same way she saw you.

But, you couldn’t do that…

You were too busy with yourself, too distracted by other trivial issues to even pay attention to her.

She wanted to give you her heart. She wanted to be your person. She was so in love with you that she was more than ready for a future with you. The truth is, it was her love for you that kept her standing on her feet.

Because for her, you were the most amazing human being. You were the person she was meant to be with. The one she always dreamed of. The brave and powerful knight on a white horse.

Your imperfections were her favorite part. Your flaws were the reasons why she fell madly in love with you. She loved and adored every part of your body and soul.

And yet, you couldn’t love her the way she loved you. She desperately tried to stay and open your hear to the possibility of love, but all you did was push her away. You broke her hopes, you crushed her spirit, you tore her heart out of her chest and you threw it away like it was a bag full of trash.

She suffered more than words can explain, but down the painful road of unrequited love, she realized that there’s nothing that she can do to make you love her. It was difficult for her to accept that bitter truth, but she knew that it was her only way to save herself and move on with her life.

So, she left. But, it was never her own choice.

She walked away because there wasn’t anything left for her to hold on to. You played with her heart and you pushed her away in the worst way possible. You never bothered to appreciate her efforts. You never paid any attention to her to really understand who she is underneath her exterior. You never cared for her love.

But you know what they say… Karma is a boomerang. What goes around, eventually comes around…

So, now you finally see it. She was a special kind of person. A one-of-a-kind woman that you only get to meet once in your life. That is if you’re lucky.

The thing is you were. But you squandered your chances and she slipped away. And I won’t lie to you. You will NEVER find anyone like her ever again.

But, I guess you’ve made your bed… So now go and lie in it.

Stephanie Reeds