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After You, She Became A Woman Who Doesn’t Want To Fall In Love Again

By Breaking Her, You Turned Her Into A Woman Who Can’t Trust Again

She didn’t deserve the pain you brought into her life. She loved you and you broke her heart. All she wanted was to be happy with you, to love you, and build a life with you. But you decided you wanted other things.

No, she did not dodge the bullet with you. You hit her. Right in the middle of her heart and you left her bleeding. Tell me, how do you live with yourself knowing that you destroyed an innocent human being?

breaking her

But of course, I guess you never think about it. You don’t care about the feelings of the other person. When you are done with them, you are done. You only care about yourself and your needs.

You see, the heartbreak changed her. The pain crushed her hopes to ever find love again. You did this. You turned her into a woman who doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She now knows that the only person she can trust and count on is herself.

And how could she trust again? She trusted you and you betrayed her. She believed in you, she trusted you were a good man who will never do anything to hurt her. The realization that she was wrong the whole time destroyed her. That’s why now she is guarded. She is protecting herself and she doesn’t let anyone get that close to her as you did.

Now, she protects her heart with all her might. She no longer wears her heart on her sleeve. She knows better. The wall that she has built around her is so high and strong that not you, not anyone like you, will ever be able to tear them down. And it’s for her own good.

She often says, “I’m okay” even though she hates that sentence because she swore that she will never reveal her feelings to others. Of course, she is not okay. Behind that cold exterior, there is pain, there are tears, there is one giant heartbreak. But she will never tell others that.

Now she smiles even when everything inside her is breaking…

She doesn’t want to fall in love anymore. She gave up on the idea of ever finding love. She is focused on herself now. On her own goals, on her own dreams, on building herself up and becoming the best she can be.

Mary Wright