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A Woman Will Leave The Man She Loves If He’s Not Present

A Woman Will Leave The Man She Loves If

Women leave men they love. They do. Even though they may feel terrible about it. Even if their heart is breaking into little pieces – they will leave. They will gather all their courage and they will leave the men with whom they may even have children and homes.

They do it because of many reasons, but there is one vital reason that women leave, and it has nothing to do with cheating.

A woman will leave the man she loves if he is not present. He may not be present because he is gaming, working, watching TV, going out… the list is long.

And I am not saying that they are bad men. Some of them are really good men and exceptional and caring fathers. They support and love their family. However, they make the mistake to take their wife for granted by not being present.

They stop listening to her, they stop taking her out on a nice dinner, they stop putting in the effort to keep the passion between them alive. They get so comfortable in the relationship that they forget that their woman needs them. 

I heard many women saying that someone could come and sweep them off their feet and their man wouldn’t even notice. This is really sad.

Men, you can be angry all you want but this is the reality. Your woman is not your property. She doesn’t owe you anything. She can leave anytime she wants if she is not satisfied with your relationship. That’s why you shouldn’t take her for granted.

You have to win her over day by day. And you can do that by being present. She needs to feel that you are there for her. She needs to feel your aliveness and your love for her. She wants you to listen to her and pay attention. Those little things matter the most to her.

She wants to feel you. She doesn’t want quick emotionless sex. She wants to feel your passion and your desire for her. She also wants to feel your passion for life. Your aliveness is one of the most attractive things that you can have.

She wants a man who listens to her. A man whose mind is not wandering. She wants to see you looking at her deeply as if you are seeing her for the first time. As if she is the most wonderful thing you have ever seen.

She wants you to be curious about her. To ask her about her day. To get to know every little part of her every day.

Be present with her, gave her your full attention. Hold her hands and pay notice to all the sensations you feel when you touch her. Notice what her presence means to you. What do you feel? What changes in your body? This is known as mindfulness. Be mindful.

Love her, hug her, be there for her. We, women, are simple when it comes to love. All we want is someone who will never give up on us and who will show us he loves us. We want to feel loved and appreciated.

And still, some men say they don’t have time. They are busy with other things. They are not willing to spend even 15 minutes with their woman being completely open and present.

And that’s the reason why a woman will leave a man like this even though she deeply loves him.

Mary Wright