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A Woman Who Is Guarded And Hard To Love Is The One That Loves The Hardest


Yes, sometimes she makes you feel as if she doesn’t love you and she couldn’t care less whether you are in her life – but there is more behind the surface.

She has her walls up and it may take a lot of time and effort on your part to break those walls and make her open up to you.

If it seems like she is cold towards you on purpose because she is trying to hurt you – this is her trying to protect her heart from being hurt.

Yes, she is very difficult to love, but once she opens her genuine heart – you will realize her worth. She will not open up to someone who is not serious and honest with her. She won’t allow anyone to take her for granted.

If she senses that you are playing games with her – she will cut you out. As simple as that.

She wants a man who can see her for who she is. She wants someone who will fall in love with her soul and her essence. She wants a love that is pure and genuine – something which is very hard to find nowadays.

She won’t open herself up for someone who is superficial. For someone who only cares about maintaining false appearances. She doesn’t have time for mediocrity.

You are in the relationship for real, or you are out.

This brave woman is a rare gem. Her strong personality and her ability to keep her emotions in check is something that is hard to find.

She has the power to push your boundaries in order to inspire you to become better, to be better. She will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. She will force you to take control of your own life.

And when it comes to matters of love, when this woman falls in love – you know it is for real. Once her guarded heart is open, you can expect only pure love, bliss, and happiness. She will touch your heart and soul like no one before. She will make you feel things that you only read in novels.

This incredible woman has so much to offer you that will enrich your life and make you a better person. You just need to be patient with her and prove to her that she can trust you and that you will be committed to your partnership fully.

So, show her you are someone who is worthy of her attention. Be someone who will touch her heart and make her drop her guard. Break her fears. Prove her that real love does exist.



Mary Wright