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5 Amazing Insight About People Who Love To Be Alone


“Freedom of being alone is intoxicating.”

– Kangana Ranaut

The world can be broken down into two kinds of people – those who love to spend time alone and those who absolutely hate it. Neither group is better than the other and both have merit in their views. However, we can clearly see a difference between both groups of people.

Those who take peace in their isolation naturally have different qualities than some people who don’t. Sadly, some people only see those who enjoy their solitude as loners and nothing more. These people are so much more than that, and here are 5 amazing insights about people who love to be alone.

1. They’re The World’s Best Listeners

Unlike some, they don’t need to feel the need to constantly have their voices heard. They’re quite used to sitting in silence and not speaking for long periods of time and they like it that way. Because of that, they’re more than happy to listen to someone else speak and take in everything that they say. When a friend of theirs is down, they’ll often be the first person that they turn to.

2. They Can Become Overwhelmed Easily

Most of their time is spent either at home, in nature, or in some quiet place that they can find refuge in. Those places are normally quite peaceful and free from distractions. When they venture into the rest of the world, they can find it to be noisy, hectic, and overstimulating. This can often cause them distress and leave them feeling completely drained.

3. They Always Keep An Open Mind

Unsurprisingly, people who enjoy their time alone are some of the most open and non-judgmental people out there. No matter what, they try and keep an open mind about everything and everyone. Along with that, they often love learning about new cultures and trying new things.

4. They’re Extremely Self-Aware

When most of your time is spent in solitude, a lot of that time is spent thinking. These people often spend a lot of time reflecting on themselves and figuring out who they really are and what they want. Because of that, they usually have a greater understanding of themselves than most people would have.

5. They Really Do Like People

Just because they’re not your typical social butterfly doesn’t mean that they hate people. On the contrary, they actually love to be around others. Despite that, they choose to spend more time alone because it’s what’s enjoyable to them. However, when they do socialize, they have a great time.

People can have a lot of preconceived notions about those who like to be alone most of the time. Although many people think that they’re just anti-social or weird, that’s simply not true. In reality, they’re some of the nicest, most down to Earth people that you could ever come across. Having someone like that in your circle of friends would be a huge asset to anyone.

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Eva Jackson