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A Skywritten Thank You To All Those Friends Who Lifted Us Up After Every Heartbreak 


Friends. What we would do without them, right? They are the sunshine of our life not because we met in some exceptional way, but because it took us some time to bond, but when we did it, it was real and we know it’s going to last for a lifetime.

We learned how to stay by each other’s side no matter the circumstances not only because we needed each other, but also because we wanted to be there for one another. 

We are each other’s support and we weather all the storms together. We shared apartments, clothes, perfumes, tennis rackets, meals, and even enemies.

So, this is a huge thank you to all those friends for a lifetime. Those that changed our lives for the better, made us laugh, lifted us up after every heartbreak, and took that embarrassing picture of us when we were drunk. 

This is a huge thank you to all those friends who went with us everywhere – from cheap wine and beer on a bench to concerts, theatre plays, and fancy restaurants. 

Thank you for being those crazy friends wanting to dance in the rain and thank you for making every day brighter, happier, and more offbeat. 

Thank you for drinking every morning coffee with us and for being loyal. Truly, truly loyal. 

Every one of us needs a pillar to lean on to, a person to tell us how beautiful we are, how powerful and special we are. So, thank you for being that pillar. Thank you for loving me when I felt like an utter failure and thank you for listening to my stories and complaints patiently even if they didn’t have anything to do with you. 

Creating memories together is the easiest thing on earth. Even one simple walk in the park can spark wonderful memories when we are together.

You trip and fall and laugh even harder than I do. Also, you are not sorry when your cat scrapes my hand and you say: I bet that hurts, but hey, you deserve it for being the best friend there ever is. 

And sometimes, you fight with friends but you know they are more like family to you, so you have an argument with them over different points of view but two hours later, it’s like you never even had a fight. You just jump over obstacles because you know how much history you have and how your similarities outnumber your differences. You jump over obstacles because family is for life, right? 

Ah, friends. Best friends. Friendmates. Talk to me about healing powers, right?

Nora Connel