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A Self-Respected Person Will Never Settle For Anything Less Than These 12 Things


You attract what you are.

If you want to meet a mature and honest person and engage in a healthy relationship with them, you must first understand your worth as a person. Once you come to terms with the things you’ll never accept in a relationship, you’ll become comfortable and confident enough to set your own boundaries.

By changing your core values, you’ll be more and more determined to never stop looking until you find the person who will make you genuinely happy. You’ll abandon everything that doesn’t help you grow and you’ll refuse to settle down for anything less than these 12 things:


A relationship that lacks this crucial element is doomed from the very beginning. A self-respected and confident person will never engage in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value their efforts.


No, I’m not talking about a clingy, codependent relationship. A self-respected person wants a partner who will care about spending quality time with them, someone who will focus on their relationship. They would never settle for a person who doesn’t want to pay attention to important parts of life.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships. A confident person who knows their worth will never tolerate lies. They want nothing but absolute transparency and brutal honesty.


This should go without a saying, but most of the time it doesn’t. We’re all living and breathing human beings who have feelings. When we treat others well, we expect to be treated the same way.

Basic human decency is the most important element of every relationship


Love cannot possibly exist if one doesn’t spread their soul wide open to those they care for. Vulnerability is the key to experiencing that all-consuming, fiery love. Being vulnerable means loving without dreading the possible consequences of having a pure heart. It means surrendering yourself to love.


Let’s get real. A great sense of humor is an essential element of a fulfilled and happy life. Relationships are not all about compromises and communication. Laughter plays a big part as well. A person who knows their worth is aware that life without fun and good humor is something they would never settle for.


Everyone is different. We’re nothing but peculiar combinations of distinctive traits. That is why mutual understanding is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Patience and care are the best ways for two people to really open up and discover what their souls hide.


A person who is aware of their self-worth will never accept anything less than fiery, all-consuming and crazy passion. To them, it’s either all or nothing.  After all, love should be experienced in its entirety. It should be felt intensely.


Every living being deserves to find a person who would be thrilled to share their life with them. Each and every one of us needs someone we can talk to. Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy and successful love story.


This is a certain something that most of us cannot describe, but know when they feel it. It’s a type of profound connection, a type of cosmic bond that happens very rare.

A person who knows what they want in life will never settle for anything less than this. They will stay alone if they have to, but they’ll never stop searching for a love that goes way beyond the physical realm.


One word. A team. That’s what partners should be. They have to be ready to meet each other halfway and put the needs of their relationships before their personal needs.  


In addition to respect, self-reliant and strong people also demand consideration from their lovers. The relationship cannot possibly survive if one doesn’t care about their partner’s basic needs. It’s that simple.

Stephanie Reeds