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If Your Woman Possesses These 12 Qualities, Know You’ve Found The One


You can have many relationships and in each of them think that you’ve found the woman of your dreams. But, when this gorgeous, smart woman enters your life, it’ll be all different. This time you’ll know that she’s really the one.

This is the kind of woman you feel an immediate connection with. You feel a force that draws you to her and that you can’t put into words.

This woman proudly wears her heart on her sleeve and knows how to respect you. She treats you feel like you’re the most important person in her life. She complements your personality and inspires you to grow. With her, you’ll learn what true, pure, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love feels like

This is the woman you share all your good and bad moments in your life and you’ll never be able to imagine spending even a single day without her. This woman will light up your world and you’ll know you’ve found your missing half in her.

So, if you can notice most or all of the following 12 qualities in the woman you’re with, know you have found the one and make sure you keep her forever!

1. She is incredibly supportive.

This woman stays by your side through thick and thin. She never lets you deal with your problems alone. She does her best to help you overcome your deepest fears and insecurities. She knows you to the core and therefore she always knows what advice to give you.

And she understands, too, that sometimes it’s nor advice or a response that you need, but someone to listen to you and show that they care about you.

2. She remains calm in arguments and calms you down as well.

Just like any other couple, you have fights too. And sometimes you get angry and shout. But, what matters is that this woman knows how to deal with your anger. She doesn’t allow herself to lose her temper and make the situation even worse. Instead, she tries to understand why you’re feeling that way and calm you down.

But hey, remember that she has limits too. You can’t just start a fight over the slightest thing and expect that she’ll always be there to understand and patiently listen to you. So, whenever you feel like you’re going to fly off the handle, try to control your emotions and tame your anger.

3. She respects your privacy.

This woman is deeply in love with you and she enjoys spending time with you, but she’ll never allow herself to get possessive and limit your freedom. She understands that sometimes you need and want to spend some time only by yourself or everyone needs some alone time or hang out with your buddies. She knows that you have goals and dreams to pursue and a life of your own.

4. She’s willing to compromise.

When you disagree over something or when your relationship goes through rough times, she doesn’t blame you for that or leave you deal with the problem by yourself. Instead, she’s willing to make sacrifices and she does her best to make things work between you.

You’re the person who means the world to her, and to make you feel loved and happy, this woman is ready to do anything, including sacrificing her own happiness.

5. She accepts your flaws.

This woman accepts and loves you just the way you are. She knows all your quirks, annoying habits, insecurities, and fears. She knows all your weaknesses, but she’ll never use them against you. Whether you have the habit of chewing loudly or leaving your clothes all over the place, she’ll never use that as a reason to put you down or make you feel unworthy.

She knows that all these things are a part of the person she loves the most. To this woman, you’re perfect with all your imperfections.

6. She supports your goals and dreams.

This woman always stays by your side and motivates you to achieve your highest goals and wildest passions. She’ll even reignite your long-forgotten passions and inspire you to pursue the goals and dreams you once gave up on because you thought you wouldn’t succeed.

The reason for this is that she believes in your mental abilities and strength, and, most importantly, through her words and actions, she encourages you to believe in yourself as well.

7. She inspires you to learn.

If your woman is smart and always intellectually challenges you, know that you’ve found a partner for life. This woman wants to see you work on yourself and grow, both personally and professionally. That’s why she does her best to inspire you to read books, learn new things, and gain new experiences. She changes the way you see the world and offers you new perspectives on it.  

8. She gets along with and respects the people who mean to you.

This woman respects everybody you hold dear. Be that your family, friends, or co-workers, she respects them simply because they’re important to you and she trusts your heart.

You’ll know that she’s a keeper when you see how good your loved ones feel around her and how nice she treats them. You don’t get to see this very often, so make sure you never lose her.

9. She doesn’t hold grudges.

Instead of sweeping problems under the carpet, avoiding you or, even worse, holding a grudge against you, she tries her best to resolve every conflict that arises between you.

Even when she’s disappointed and hurt, she tries to reach a reasonable solution to your problems by discussing things with you in a civilized, calm manner. And most importantly, this woman is able and willing to forgive.

10. She laughs at your jokes.

You might think this is completely irrelevant, but you’re wrong. A relationship that lacks humor and laughter is not a healthy, deep, and meaningful one. Being with a woman who understands your jokes and laughs with you, but also has her own sense of humor as well is a sign of chemistry and deep connection between you.

If you can’t make your woman laugh and vice versa, then she’s not the one.

11. She appreciates everything you do for her.

She appreciates your kindness, your selflessness, your compassion, and support. She’s well aware of all those little, but important romantic gestures and acts of kindness you do for her.

This means to her a lot and she makes sure she does the same things for you as well.

12. Her love for you makes you feel like home.

And in the end, no matter the positive and negative qualities she possesses, no matter the obstacles and arguments that may arise in your relationship, if this woman makes you feel loved, happy, fulfilled, safe, and protected – you’ll know she’s a keeper and never let her go.




Riley Cooper