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A Heartbreaking Story Of A Woman Who Made All The Wrong Choices In Life


Once upon a time, there was a woman who had four husbands.

She loved her fourth husband the most. She was dressing him up in expensive and beautiful clothes, she was cooking him the most delicious meals, and she was always giving her best to him.

She also loved her third husband very much. She was always with him, yet she was scared that he would leave her for another woman one day.

She loved her second husband as well. He was a loyal friend to her. He was gentle, understanding, caring, and very patient with her. Whenever she was facing a problem, he was there to help her. Thanks to him, she overcame all her difficulties in life.

Her first husband was loyal, and he loved her dearly. But, she didn’t love him. She didn’t even pay attention to him.

One day, the woman got sick. She found that she would die soon. That’s why she started thinking about her life. She said to herself: “I have four husbands now, but when I’ll die, I’ll be all alone.”

So, she called her fourth husband and she said to him: “I love you more than my life. I gave you my all. And now, when I am on my death bed, I beg you – don’t leave me alone to die. Come with me.”

“No way,” he said and walked away. She was left heartbroken.

Then, she called her third husband and she said to him: “I loved you all my life. Now, when I am dying, I need you to come with me and not leave me alone.”

“No. Life is so much beautiful. When you die, I’ll marry another woman,” said her third husband. Her heart broke again.

She asked to see her second husband and she asked him the same thing: “You were always with me, you were always helping me. Thank you for that. Now, please, would you come with me?”

“I am sorry, but I can’t help you this time. I can’t come with you on your journey. The best I can do is to accompany your dead body to the grave,” replied her second husband. This felt like a knife in her stomach.

At that moment, she heard a voice: “I will come with you. I will follow you wherever you go.”

The woman raised her head and saw the man in front of her. It was her first husband. “Why didn’t I take care of you? Why I was abandoning you?” – she asked herself with tears in her eyes.

We are all that woman. It is believed that we all have four partners in our life. And it’s up to us which one we’ll choose to give our love to.

Mary Wright