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A Good Friend Will Tell You The Truth, Not What You Want To Hear

A Good Friend Will Tell You What You Need, Not What You Want To Hear

Honesty is not easy for some people. There are so many people in the world stretching the truth or being economical with it. There are these other people, however, as straight as an arrow. They are brutally honest, and they tell things the way they are.

I am sure you know someone that always tells it like it is – very frequently, a friend. It’s those brutally honest friends that crack us up with their boldness.

So, here are some reasons why honest friends are the best ones to have around:

1. They don’t throw dust in other people’s eyes.

Blunt and brutally honest friends tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. So, if your dress doesn’t look good on you or if your new hairstyle looks funny – they will make sure you are aware of it. It’s like, you are going to hear about it because they care, they truly care.

Your date is an idiot? You are being selfish? They will make sure you know that too. Appreciate this kind of criticism since it doesn’t come from a bad place.

2. They will help you work your way up.

Genuinely honest friends will encourage you to move forward in life when you feel stuck. They will remind you of your priorities and will help you attain them. Do what you feel is best is not a phrase you will hear from these people.

3. They give excellent advice.

As anticipated, honest friends give the best advice. They won’t simply mind their business when you are struggling. They will walk with you every step of the way and share their wisdom selflessly.

If I don’t lift you up when you’re down, who am I going to drink coffee with? – they may say. When you are down, they will do everything in their power to cheer you up because they miss the old you and they don’t want you to be sad and miserable.

4. They know how to say I am sorry.

Frank people have no problem apologizing. They know their words can hurt sometimes, even if their intentions are always pure. That’s why they are willing to apologize for their verbal harshness.

5. They are terrible liars.

Because of their outspoken nature, they don’t know how to lie. You just see it on their faces.

Actually, it’s rewarding to have such friends – friends you know you can rely on for an honest opinion and friends that can help you see the real situation and the ugly truth. Sometimes, when in love, we forget to be analytical and we let our guards down, but honest friends are like prison guards: firm and analytical. They will remind you to keep your feet on the ground.

6. They stand up for you.

For being uncompromisingly forthright and fierce, they will protect those they love and care about. If someone has disrespected you or said a mean thing about you, they will be the ones to stand up for you and even start a fight if necessary. That’s because brutally honest people defend the ones they hold dear without hesitation or choice of words for that matter.

7. They are super fun to be around.

Due to their openness and positivity, brutally honest people make great friends because their honesty makes them charming and funny, especially when they’re drunk. You can have a blast with them on parties because they cannot keep their mouth shut, and you can make jokes the next day on their own account about how drunk they were or how they terribly embarrassed themselves.

Truth is, they don’t care if they got embarrassed, not as long as they had fun with the people they love the most.

Nora Connel