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Don’t Stress Yourself Over Him: He’s Just Not Worth It

not worth it

You’re looking for affection, but you don’t get any out of him. You are unable to be your true self when you are around him. You are afraid that if you show your true colors, he won’t like you. You only express what he wants to see. You only speak what he wants to hear.

Well, just stop stressing yourself over him!

Remember, no matter who he is, and no matter how long you two have been together, he is just not worth it!

You have a loving soul. Your heart is full of love that you so selflessly give to others. So, why do you settle for less? Do you think there is something you can do so that he starts to notice you?

Stop stressing yourself over him! Stop accepting less and start accepting that you are whole!

You deserve more than being a half version of yourself. You deserve to have the right person around you, and you deserve to have it all. You need to be your true self around the person you love.   

When you care about someone more than they deserve, you hurt yourself!

You probably always wait for him to reply to your texts, to set the date for a movie, to make a dinner reservation at a restaurant. You postpone your plans because of him. You’ve stopped seeing your friends because of him. You’ve changed your look because you thought that being yourself wasn’t good enough for him.

Well, guess what? He’s not good enough for you!

Don’t sit there and wait for him to see you. Start living your life. Start going out with your friends again. Start smiling again. Start loving your style again. Start loving your body again.

He’s not worth your time if he doesn’t like you for who you are. He’s not worth your smile if he doesn’t smile back. He doesn’t deserve to take up so much space in your beautiful mind if he doesn’t lift a finger to show that he appreciates you and loves you.

It’s simple. He’s just self-centered. You are not that important to him.

The sooner you realize this, the better. The sooner you get around the idea that he’s just not that into you, the better you will be. He was not your match, to begin with. Trust me when I tell you that you deserve better. And deep down you know that you deserve someone that will commit to you. You know that you deserve someone who won’t take you for granted.

So, start living your best life. It’s only a matter of time when you start feeling like your true self. It’s only a matter of time when you start to believe that you are complete and whole!

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