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 A Clever And A Genuine Empath Is The Sociopath’s Worst Dream Come True


We are all familiar with the ever-lasting battle between the conniving narcissist and the pure-hearted empath. It is a tale as old as time. The story begins with the narcissist and its malicious intents towards the empath. As always, the victim in the story is the poor empath, who possesses a heart as big and vast as this universe.

And unfortunately, this well-known story is the reason for people’s greatest misconception about narcissists and empaths.

It might come to some as a surprise, but empaths are not the weak side in this feud. They have never been. Their generosity, compassion, and kindness are not something that makes them an easily manipulated victim. These brave human beings are completely superior to sociopaths and narcissists.

And you know why?

The answer is simple. They are genuine. They are pure. Empaths are down-to-earth individuals. They possess a strong moral compass, a high integrity, the ability of abstract thought, but most importantly empaths are creative and remarkably imaginative creatures.

These traits could not be defeated by even the most powerful manipulative mastermind of all times.

Because if there’s one thing that narcissists lack, it’s these genuine traits. No matter how many tricks and lies they have up their sleeves, they don’t possess a pure mind. They are rotten individuals who only take pleasure from hurting others.

On the other hands, empaths have a sharp mind, a heart full of creativity and power to exploit the merciless narcissist way worse than one could imagine. But, just because “ the force is strong on their side”, it doesn’t mean they’ll use it.

That is exactly what makes empaths so different from narcissists. It is the side on which they choose to be on. It is having the possibility and power to hurt someone, but still choosing peace instead of conflict.

A wise empath is the greatest nightmare to a narcissist because they possess a bigger force, yet they would never use it to destroy someone. No matter how malicious and vile narcissists are, empaths would never choose to harm them, mainly because they have principles governed by nobility and kindness.

Their purpose on this Earth has a higher meaning. Empaths are the ones who protect us, the ones who nurture us. The rare gems that give our hopes back. The beautiful and peaceful creatures that make our world a better place. They will never hurt anyone, even if they are threatened by the most frightening sociopath.

I don’t approve of targets abusing their abuser, but I truly wish to encourage targets to start engaging in self-protection by using their sharp creative wits and strong hearts to come up with the most suitable strategies to manipulate sociopaths into staying far away from them.

If you feel threatened, don’t hesitate to use your power. Never to hurt them, but to protect yourself. It’s not something you should feel guilty about, it is an essential method for maintaining self-care.

If you ever feel like a target, remember, you are much smarter and greater than the one who is threatening you.

You carry the power of love and hope within you. You, my friend, are stronger than you think.

Image: enkil61

Stephanie Reeds


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