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90% Have Failed This Challenge: Can You Find The Hidden Butterfly?


The unforgiving nature has forced many animals and insects to find different ways to survive. And perhaps the most artistic way of solving the problem of survival is the art of camouflage.

There’s something fascinating about insects and animals that can camouflage themselves, and one cannot but feel challenged to spot the difference between the environment and that perfectly adapted organism that is hiding in plain sight.

The brimstone butterfly is a master of disguise and it can definitely trick you into thinking that it’s just a part of the plant on which it’s standing. In the following video, you will see a photo of an Azalea plant with a brimstone butterfly standing on it.

Well, the trick is to spot the butterfly.

Admittedly, most people will fail to find the little culprit. In fact, 90% of people don’t manage to notice the brimstone butterfly even by pausing the video.

Do you think you have the keen perception needed to spot it?

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