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8 Crucial Things Alpha People Search For In A Relationship


The alpha type of personality is considered as one of the traits of dominant and strong people. If there’s anything you should know about an Alpha human, is that they’re not afraid to firmly guard their point of view and really tell it like it is. And boy, do they know how to work an attitude.

They are the people with strong opinions and sharp tongues, yet their heart is always the warmest. There’s no “hmm”, “oh, let me think” answer up their sleeve. Nothing but the raw, chilly truth.

It is also said that people who possess an alpha personality are usually the same people who have a type A personality. These people fall under the same category as ambitious, outgoing and aggressive.

According to John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein, authors of the book Engineering the Alpha, these traits completely describe the personality of an Alpha human:

-Helpful (but not condescending); Confident (but not cocky); Vain (but not conceited); Prideful (but not arrogant); Humble (but not self-loathing); Tolerant (but not weak); Dedicated (but not obsessed).

If you are in a relationship with this kind of person, here are some pointers just so you know what they really search for in a relationship:


People born with a strong, fiery attitude are very aware of the things they need in life. And the first one on the list is having a strong sense of security. Striving for a firm ground on which they’d stand on and maintaining stability in life.

So, when it comes to love relationships, Alpha people need a partner who shares the same needs and interests as them and sticks to their guns. Anything else would only feel like make-believe.


As highly responsible human beings, Alpha people are also known to be extremely organized individuals. Whether it’s their desk, their work papers or their life, nothing is ever left unattended.

A special attention is paid to every particular part of their life, so when in search for a suitable life partner, these individuals won’t deal with someone who wouldn’t care less about cleaning their mess behind them.


Considered as the people with the strongest personalities, Alpha individuals have a clear goal in their life and they know exactly where they’re headed. They always strive to achieve the best they could in the given moment.

 That is why, when a relationship is in the question, they will never settle for less. They crave for an intellectually stimulating bond with a person who’ll understand their madness. Anything less is unacceptable.


Another thing an Alpha person nurtures is their need for adventurous life. They have an inexhaustible thirst for spontaneity. Despite having a strong need to be stable wherever they find themselves, they have a special weakness for spontaneity every once in a while.

 It might seem like they’re quite the paradox, and that’s exactly why they often struggle a lot until they find that true person who’ll accept every part of them.


This is a must. If you want to get noticed by an Alpha individual, you make sure you got your suitable jokes and sharpest wits up your sleeve. Otherwise, you might end up laughing at your own jokes.


Naturally, as every living being, Alphas need to be treated with a decent respect, or they won’t budge an inch. You can’t expect to treat them rude and still have them around. If you don’t behave politely, an Alpha will give you one chance just, so they can state their point. If you continue with your shenanigans, you can consider them gone.


People possessing strong Alpha personalities work hard for the things they desire, that’s why they’re often self-sufficient when it comes to everything. So, normally the first thing they’ll look for in a person is their sense of responsibility.

They need someone who could complement their strong personality, not a clingy person who desperately needs their guidance.


As stated before, Alpha types of people own a special set of quality traits. They are dynamic, goal-oriented, and determined. And all of these traits make them highly energetic human beings.

However, oftentimes they can end up with a drained power source. They’ll find the way to move on regardless. However, they need someone who’ll help by providing a fresh amount of energy and sharing their workload.

Stephanie Reeds


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