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9 Reasons Why Independent And Strong Women Have The Worst Dating Lives


Finding the right partner is easier for some women than it is for others. It’s the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like someone who envies other people’s happiness. I don’t. I simply want to state the truth. It pains me a lot, but not all women have luck when it comes to love and happily ever afters. That’s just the way it is.

I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. And I am sure you did too. For some reason, most of these women struggle to find the right person, the right relationship. It’s not that they don’t believe in love. It’s just… not all men out there are powerful enough to embrace their strength and love them for who they are.

These women are incredible, strong, they live by their own rules and they are an inspiration. But, regardless of their remarkable traits, they still struggle to find love.

Here are some of the reasons why they have the most challenging dating lives:

1. They put their needs before everything else. They are aware that they are the only ones who need to take care of their wellbeing. And that is exactly what they’ve always been doing. But that is also why dominant men often find them arrogant and self-conceited.

2. They seem a little strange. But the truth is, that is what makes them so extraordinary. Because these women are born with a jerk repellent. Something that makes immature and insecure men stay away from them. Something that helps these women choose wisely, but sadly, at the same time makes them feel lonely.

3. Many men find them intimidating. Let’s face it. A lot of men want to feel powerful in front of women. Most of them believe that they are the more superior gender. I’ll admit that there are always exceptions to the rule, but the truth is, most men prefer to dominate women. So, you can imagine what happens when they meet this kind of woman.

4. They are not afraid to confront disrespectful and immature men who think they can play with them. Because if someone had the nerve to treat them that way and disrespect them, they also have the guts to confront these men and call them out on their bullsh*t. Strong women are simply not afraid to stand up for themselves.

5. They have real goals and they work hard to achieve them. In other words, their priorities in life are not only about finding love. They believe in the concept of a soulmate and they believe that whoever is meant for them will eventually come, but they cannot just drop everything they do for someone else. These women have dreams and they live for the day when they finally reach them.

6. They have intense energy. Strong and independent women are not willing to play childish games. When they truly want something, they do everything to get it. But sometimes this straightforwardness and this vibrant nature can be a bit too much for some people. Sometimes instead of attracting more people, their confidence drives men away.

7. They know how much they’re worth and that is why sometimes they come off as picky. They’ve been through many bad experiences in life to finally learn that they have to be pickier, otherwise, they will always end up disappointed. Regardless of how small their ‘pool’, these women are very careful when it comes to choosing their partners.

8. They are more mature than most people. Their experiences and mistakes have taught them everything they need to know about life. They may have learned the harder way, but they are aware of their worth. And they don’t intend to give their heart away to just about anyone. They are determined to wait for the one.

9. When they fall in love, they love from the bottom of their hearts. It is truly not easy to make them fall in love with you. They do not open their souls to just about anyone. But, when they fall in love, they really fall in love. From that moment on, they wear their heart on their sleeve. And they love the hardest. 

Stephanie Reeds