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11 Things You Learn About Relationships When You Finally Find A Good One


Love is not enough. It never will be. You have to find a way to understand that. Here are 11 things that you will eventually learn when you finally enter a good relationship:

1. There is no right time. There is only ‘a right’ person. The sooner you realize that you better off you’ll be.

2. If a person truly wants to be with you and genuinely loves you, they will be with you. Simple as that. They will cross mountains, jump rivers, sail oceans, survive hailstorms and they won’t let anything force them to give up on their dream. To find you and spend their whole life beside you.

3. But if someone does not want to be with you, you will know that too. Because they will desperately try to get to know every part of you, hoping that somehow, they will fall in love with you. And when they fail to do that, you will know. No matter how much they are denying it, you will feel it in your guts.

4. You won’t think about timing when the right person comes into your life. Because nothing will ever matter more than the love you have for this person.

5. You cannot lose your identity loving someone if you don’t allow that to happen in the first place. That’s entirely up to you. Loving someone does not mean giving up on yourself. Whoever told you that made a terrible mistake.

6. In fact, it is quite the opposite. A good relationship will help you find yourself more than ever before. Entering a good relationship will inspire you to grow, it will motivate you to explore depths of yourself that you never even knew existed. Trust me, I’m going through this right now.

7. Love will help you open your heart and feel all of your emotions flowing through your body. That is the greatest power love has. When someone genuinely loves us, this helps us bloom and grow even higher.

8. Love is not enough. It never will be. Don’t let those fairytale stories fool you. Love is amazing and it truly is the greatest feelings one can experience, but if there isn’t commitment and willingness to fight in order to protect the sacred temple you two inhabit, then it’s for nothing.

9. Love does not come when you believe that it should. It does not make you feel the same way you always imagined you would feel. Love is unpredictable, merciless and entirely free.

10. Don’t expect love to save you. Don’t think that engaging in a loving relationship will make you love yourself. Don’t fall in love just because you need someone to fix you. Instead try to accept the things you don’t like about yourself, learn to love your flaws and try to save yourself on your own.

11. You will never know if someone is meant to stay in your life forever. Trust me. Accept that you don’t have the power to see that. All I can tell you is that ‘forever’ is built every single day. A good relationship only grows if you take care of it. Just like everything else in life, you have to give your best and work hard if you want your love to flourish and last forever. Hoping for it won’t do the trick.

Stephanie Reeds