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8 Warning Signs That You’re Overstressed That People Often Ignore


Stress is one of the biggest mental health problems that people around the world face. It can cause you some seriously terrible symptoms, yet people still seem to ignore them. They turn a blind eye to the way that their bodies and minds are feeling, despite all the warning signs.

You may be tempted to ignore the red flags and go about your day, but stress can cause some terrible health problems if it’s not looked after. You need to be mindful of these 8 warning signs that you’re overstressed that people often ignore.

1. You Can’ Stop Thinking About Everything

There are so many obnoxious thoughts running around in your head at any given time. You’re constantly worried about work, finances, family issues, or any other personal problems you might have. Because worrying is taking up so much of your time, you don’t even know how to start fixing things.

2. You’re Not Sleeping Properly

Recently, you’ve been walking around like a zombie. Although you’re completely exhausted, you still can’t seem to fall asleep quickly. All you need is one or two good nights sleep to feel better again, but it seems that you just can’t have them.

3. You Have Zero Patience

Everything and everyone are annoying you lately. Even the sound of someone breathing too loudly next to you will put you on edge. Although you don’t know why, you’ve been extremely impatient lately and have been snapping at everyone.

4. You Feel You Need to Keep Moving

Yes, you’re exhausted, but you also have this unexplained energy inside you. You feel like you can’t sit still and are constantly moving from task to task. In your mind, there’s no time for you to take a break.

5. You’ve Been Losing Hair

This is a sign that tends to worry people the most, yet they still don’t do anything about it. Stress can cause your hair to fall out much more than the usual few strands on your hair brush. There could be anything from a small handful to huge clumps falling out of your head.

6. You’re Having Serious Mood Swings

One minute you’re crying, the next you’re screaming at someone, and then you’re suddenly feeling weirdly optimistic. Lately, you haven’t been able to stay on one emotion for longer than an hour.

7. Your Libido is Low

People often attribute this sign to just being too busy, or they don’t even give it a second thought. If your libido is much lower than it normally is, that is a huge sign that your body is overstressed.

8. Your Body Feels Unwell

There are many different physical symptoms that you could be feeling from stress. You could be feeling nauseous or like you can’t eat. Similarly, you could be having unexplained pains such as headaches, back pains, or neck pains.

If you’re feeling any of these 8 things, then you need to take a break. Your body is screaming out for help and you need to listen to it. Take some much-needed time for self-care and to relax away from all the stress.

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Eva Jackson