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8 Warning Signs Someone Is Emotionally Manipulating You


All of us know what it is like to be emotionally manipulated by someone. I believe that the worst feelings of betrayal and pain come when the person who is emotionally manipulating you is someone that is close to you.

Emotional manipulation is a serious issue that can be destructive for you in the long run, and that’s why it is extremely important to know how to recognize these sneaky but skillful manipulators and save yourself from future pain and regret.

1. Their Words and Actions Don’t Match

Emotional manipulators know perfectly well hot to charm anyone with their words, so they will tell you everything you want to hear. They will tell you that they never met someone like you and how lucky they are to have you in their life. However, their actions never match their words. They say the sweetest words, but their actions are usually cruel and hurtful.

2. They Make You Question Your Perception of Reality

Emotional manipulators are extremely good at lying and twisting the reality. They will convince you they didn’t do or didn’t say something that you know they did. But the trouble is, that they are so skilled at lying that you’ll probably end up questioning your own grasp of reality and even your sanity of mind.

3. They Are ALWAYS the Victim

Emotional manipulators are never at fault. No matter what they do or say, or what they fail to do, it is never their mistake – it is always someone else’s mistake. Someone else made them say that, someone else made them do that, and someone else stopped them from doing it. Usually, that person is you.

4. They Are A Black Hole of Emotions

When it comes to feelings, emotional manipulators are experts at sucking the life and energy out of everyone around them. When they are in a bad mood, they make sure those people around them feel bad too. Also, they make other people feel somehow responsible for their feelings and obligated to make them feel better.

5. They Are Masters at Doling Our Guilt

Emotional manipulators are never guilty; other people are. If you accuse of them of something they will instantly pass the guilt onto you and will make you feel guilty even for mentioning it to them in the first place.

6. They Are Too Much, Too Soon

Whether it is a business partnership or a personal relationship, emotional manipulators always share too much, too soon. And they expect the same from their partner. They show you their “vulnerability” and “softness” to warm you up, but that is only a mask. They perform this charade to make you feel “special” and to get something out of you.

7. They Are Always One-Upping You

Whatever problem you have, an emotional manipulator always has it worse. Their problems and their situation are always worse and more serious than yours. This is their way of manipulating you to stop complaining about anything to them.

8. They LOOOOVE Pushing Your Buttons

Emotional manipulators know your weak spots and make sure to use against you every time they get a chance. They enjoy pushing other people’s buttons and making them feel vulnerable and insecure. It’s their way of manipulating other people that they are better than them.

If you recognized someone in this article, then you must help yourself and distance yourself from them.

Being aware of their behavior is the first step toward healing. You can’t make a person stop pushing your buttons and manipulating you if you are not aware that you are being manipulated.

Next, try to separate your emotions and only look at the facts. Approach them with a clear mind, like you would approach a science project.

This will alleviate the pain of separating from them instantly and will help you to clear your mind and your heart before you cut them out of your life entirely.

Much love and take care.

Mary Wright