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8 Things People With Autism Want You To Know


What misconceptions people have about autism? What is it like for people who have autism? What do you want people to know about the disorder? These are all normal and valid questions that are often asked by many friends and family members.

Here are some of the answers of the things that individuals suffering from autism that want you to know.

1. Autism is different for different people.

People with autism want you to understand that that they have a difficulty understanding others. This is because what hurts them might not hurt you and vice versa. What they find fun might be boring for you. They are a little different and you should have patience.

2. They are scared to tell others that they are autistic.

They are afraid to tell others about their condition because every time they do, people start treating them as if they are “special.” No, they are not 5 years old, and they hate being treated like that.

Just because they have difficulty saying what is on their mind and cannot communicate properly, it does not mean that they do not understand you or care about your feelings.

3. Autism is a part of who they are.

They wish people would acknowledge that autism is a part of them. They are like that – they make funny noises when they are happy. They need to see how something is done several times before they get it right.

They have to wear a silicone-chewing device because they grind their teeth from stress. They do not like to be touched. They live in their world, so please have patience. It is hard for them as well.

4. They feel like aliens for most of the time.

They feel like they were born with an instruction manual that they never got. They need you to use direct language and be very clear in your demands and directions.

5. Conversation for them is like a game of battleship.

Feedback is crucial for autistic people because conversation is very difficult for them. So, they want you to be very patient and honest with them. If they did or said something disrespectful – tell them, but explain to them exactly why it was disrespectful.

6. Judging or shaming the parents only makes the situation worse.

There are situations where the autistic child will break down in public and the parents will be judged for it. Make no mistake, these children cannot control their behavior and are not doing that out of being spoiled.

Rather, they may feel incredulous and therefore their behavior is understandable. In these cases, other parents should not judge the parents of the autistic children but be more understanding and supportive.

7. They have dreams just like everyone else.

They are still human, so they want other people to see them as such and treat them as normal people. They have dreams and goals like all of us do. Unfortunately, society does not allow them to play by the same rules to accomplish them. Therefore, life is much harder for them than for everybody else.

8. They actually have a lot to say.

Sadly, people do not always understand that autistic people want to be treated like everybody else and have a lot things to say. They are only waiting to be asked.

Mary Wright