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8 Things Every Woman Should Be Okay With (But She Probably Isn’t)


Are you ready? Here we go.

1. Your Grays Are Beautiful.

I feel that every time I tell someone that I don’t dye my hair because I don’t even bother with having several grey hairs, they look at me shocked and with a dose of sad empathy. I think that all women should let go off of the burden and accept the things that are marks of their graceful aging. Who says that grey hair is not sexy? It can be if you wear it proudly.

2. It Is Okay To Love Sex.

Even though sex is no longer considered a taboo, our society still tries to present women who love and enjoy sex as sinful. Well, this is not the truth. Sex is a natural need that we all have, and women should not be ashamed to be into it.

3. Confidence Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac.

Okay, I must admit that you all heard this one million times, but many of us still need to implement it into our lives. We should all try to find the love and happiness we are looking for inside of us first. Only then we can be able to love someone else and make them happy.

4. Being Single Is Fabulous.

Yes, being in a relationship with someone you love is one of the greatest things in the world. However, until you find your special someone, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your single life. It’s fabulous.

5. Overuse Apologies, Emoticons, Or Exclamation Points Whenever You Feel Like It!

Don’t be afraid to express yourself the way you feel. Use as many emoticons and exclamation points that you need to get your message across!

6. You Should “Stand Like A Man.”

Try standing like a man, with your feet firmly planted on the ground at a hip-width distance. This posture not only transmits power and confidence, but it also reinforces confidence in yourself. Try it and you’ll see the difference.

7. You Can Be A Feminine Feminist.

 Yes, you can still wear pink dresses and red lipsticks and be a strong-willed feminist.

8. It Is Perfectly Fine To Have Never Read 50 Shades Of Gray.

Or seen the movie. It is really okay. 

Mary Wright


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