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3 Devious Mind Games That Every Narcissistic Man Plays In A Relationship


Have you ever been involved with someone who was so full of themselves? Someone who was so self-absorbed that they could walk over corpses to get what they want?

If this is your truth, then you have been dealing with a narcissist – the ultimate master of playing mind games.

A narcissist will slowly walk into your life, disguised as everything you ever wanted, and after you get a taste of their poison camouflaged as “love,” they will leave you. They will cut you open and they will leave you heartlessly, without a second thought, and they will move on to their next victim.

And if you think that you can change them – don’t waste your time. Narcissism is a mental condition and the only way a narcissist can help themselves is when they become fully aware of their illness and decide to seek a professional medical help.

That said, here are the 3 most common mind games that are universal for all narcissists, so you can prevent yourself from falling into their trap.

Devious Mind Game #1: MR. FRAGILE SELF–ESTEEM

Imagine a scenario when a woman lovingly says to her husband that he should reduce his intake of greasy food and implement a healthier way of eating because of his weight condition which causes him medical problems, and he rudely says to her:

“What are you saying? I am great. There is nothing wrong with me. If anyone needs to lose weight, it’s you. Have you looked yourself in a mirror?”

A narcissist is a person who gets triggered even with the slightest and the most well-intentioned comment. They take every word as an attack on their weak ego. And they will defend themselves using the meanest and hurtful words they can think of.


Whenever you are feeling down and your whole world gets crushed, don’t expect a narcissist to console you or offer you a warm hug. A narcissist will never understand your pain because they have a complete lack of compassion and empathy.

In the beginning, however, they will act all kind and loving, but this is all a game that they use to lure you into their trap and then abuse you.

When you are in a relationship with a narcissistic person, you are willingly enslaving yourself to their twisted manipulative mind. You are willingly accepting to feel worthless and inferior throughout the relationship. You are giving them all the power to feel superior to you.


Narcissists are the most selfish and self-centered people in the world. They think that the whole world revolves around them and they use other people as their puppets to get what they need – and that is a constant praise and attention.

Every conversation is always about them. They gain their importance by constantly talking and boasting about themselves and their “accomplishments” which usually are about the things they’ve done, the places they’ve visited and how much money they’ve spent (the horror of a small talk).

They think that others should feel lucky to have them in their lives because they are the best people in the world. Their life-motto is definitely the most self-absorbed phrase: “Do you know who I am?”

That being said, you must be aware of the fact that not everything is black and white, and that narcissists were once abused as well. They are deeply wounded people, and instead of hating them for their behavior – we can try to inspire them to change if we can.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should allow them to abuse you. You must leave them even though you love them. After all, your mental health is important too. You must respect and love yourself enough to not let them take advantage of you and manipulate you.

If you want to help them, you can suggest to them to ask for a professional help and be there for them in the healing process.

If after all, they don’t understand their condition, then run away from them and don’t look back.

Mary Wright


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