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8 Things All Introverts Enjoy Doing That Seem Weird To Others


The topic of introversion is a never-ending subject of interest for many article writers. It’s just so inspiring to write about introverts and share some of their most hidden traits. But, there is one thing that I’ve noticed while making research on this subject, and that is the attempt of making introverted people appear more intellectually superior, with a high amount of mysteriousness revolving around them.

Truth is, introverts are just ordinary humans. Most of the time, struggling to fit into society. They don’t really like to receive advice on how they should spend their free time. And most importantly, do not want to be asked silly questions like: “How do you manage to be alone all the time?”, “Are you getting bored with that?”, or some unwanted advice: “You are so young, you should go out more often.” These type of questions are so frequently asked, that it makes introverts just nod their heads and change the subject.

So, how do introverts really like to spend their time (without being judged)? Well, after a lengthy discussion with my introverted friends, I’ve come up with probably 8 of the most common ways how they like to spend their leisure time. (1)


This should come as no surprise, given the fact that most of them are geeks who are proud of that. Reading an interesting novel leads to a time spent wisely. It also feels comfortable to be wrapped in a blanket, drinking a cup of tea while it’s raining outside.

2. Writing

So far, we established that introverts are very creative beings. Their creativity is not shown just by the way how they perceive their environment and how they love to engage in intellectual conversations. Primarily, it’s shown by their talent for writing. Inspiration can be found anywhere and introverts truly enjoy the time they spend on their own while focusing their energy on the newest article they prepare.  

3. Music

There are introverted folks out there who are blessed to have a musical talent. So, they put their creative energy into generating something authentic. But, the others who are not that lucky, simply enjoy the music. It doesn’t really matter what genre we are talking about. As long as it feels convenient and relaxing they are good to go.

4. Movies

This goes for everyone, right? But remember that small fragment, where I told you that introverts like to geek out? Well, the same goes for watching movies and portraying their scenarios in real life. Whether it is Game of Thrones, Star Wars or The Hobbit, introverts are probably their most loyal fan base. Expect to find them at coming cons, doing the perfect cosplay or even trying to learn some Dothraki.

5. Daydreaming

Wait a minute, is daydreaming even a hobby? Apparently, for introverts it is. I mean, everything that takes a big amount of your spare time, is considered a hobby. It all comes down to introspection and how introverts like to dive into the most hidden parts of their personality. Dreaming about your future and how you imagine in it to be, is actually a very productive habit. It allows you to think positively and change your mindset in order to succeed.

6. Going out for a walk

Experiencing nature all by yourself is the ultimate cure for alleviating stress. Simply, escaping the reality and going out for a fresh air. It’s priceless. Sometimes, it can be used to find an inspiration, if the person is working on something creative and just needs to find a different approach or simply wants to relax after a long working day.

7. Visiting the local library

The magical place called ‘library. A perfect place for any introvert. It has everything they need. Silence, books and people with similar interests. Taking the trip to the local library can be considered as a healing process. Finding the right book to read takes time, and these places are very much inviting and seem acceptive of an introvert’s needs and desires. 

8. Enjoying the rain

It’s an old-fashioned and romantic thing at the same time. It opens up a form of nostalgia that can trigger potential creativity. I haven’t met a single introvert that would disagree on this one. After a rainy day, going out seems much more refreshing. It’s like everything is reborn and new, tempting you to share felicity. (2)

David Smith