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8 Things All Introverts Secretly Enjoy Doing That Make Them Happy


Introverts are often perceived as shy, distant and most commonly antisocial.

However, these are only stereotypes from people that don’t understand introversion. If you have introverted friends or relatives, you have probably noticed a similar pattern of behavior for this type of personality.

Introversion is often misunderstood as misanthropy, and that’s sad because these people are usually the kindest you can find out there.

So, if you want to understand your introverted friends better, just check this list of common characteristics they all share. (1)

1. Creativity

Introverts are well known for having a high amount of creative energy. So, expect them to come up with some very unusual hobby. It can vary from practicing some martial arts sport to creating music, poetry or learning a very difficult foreign language.

2. Enjoying the “solo” time

Being alone sounds just fine, but striving for a new adventure while being alone is even better. Introverts love to explore some exotic destinations on their own. Expect to find them roaming down the streets of a crowded city, staring at their smartphone while trying to navigate. (2)

3. They love to observe

Introverted people are usually very curious creatures, they love to discover new things, but also to observe the behavior of their fellow humans. At social events, they are usually quiet and interested more in what other people have to say.

4. They love to hang out with extroverted people

Hiding behind their modesty and avoiding the spotlight, makes them a perfect companion to an extrovert. Not wanting to be the center of attention, while being around those super social friends can be beneficial for both sides.

5. Getting a huge relief after the cancelation of plans  

Oh, yeah it’s no secret that an introvert won’t get upset if things don’t work out as planned. You should expect the opposite reaction, as they will start to arrange new activities for their spare time. Ups! (3)

6. Texting is easier

The biggest sin for every introvert is small talk. The same applies to having a random phone conversation. They are just not so good at that. So, please forget about the chit-chats on the phone and text them instead. They will be grateful! 

7. Ghosting out

Rather than arguing with a person they deeply dislike, introverts use a very contrasting technique. They ignore the same person. They simply, ghost out on them. Like nothing ever happened. This is more helpful because they have enough time to evacuate themselves from toxic human relationships.

8. Taking naps

After a long day of socializing, while being in a crowded, loud environment, every introvert just likes to switch off. Taking these power naps allows them to be more productive and creative at the same time. 

David Smith