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8 Things A Real Man Does For You When He’s Truly In Love


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu

Love changes everything. It opens to your eyes to a whole new way of life and makes you behave in ways that you never thought you would. Sometimes though, someone can love you without truly caring enough to put in the effort.

A guy can love you and only do the bare minimum, but a real man is willing to prove his love. These are 8 things a real man does for you when he’s truly in love.

1. He Cares About Your Day

When you finally get to see him after a long day, he asks about it. He’s not just asking because he feels like he has to either. He genuinely cares about what you have to say and wants to make sure that everything went well for you. If it didn’t, he’ll do his best to cheer you up again.

2. He Makes Plans

Everything isn’t left up for you to decide. He likes to plan things for you to do together. It could be dates, nights in, trips, or just a simple walk outdoors together. Whatever it is, he wants to spend time together and make sure that you both really enjoy it too.

3. He Communicates Well

Some men seem to be incapable of talking about their feelings. When he really cares about you, he won’t close himself off to you. He’ll tell you what’s bothering you in his life and in the relationship. Doing so is the best way to fix any problems that arise and he’s well aware of that.

4. He Lets Himself be Vulnerable

A man in love isn’t too macho to show his feelings to the woman that he cares about most. You’re his biggest support, so when he’s down he’ll go to you for help and guidance. He’s never afraid that you’ll judge him for it either because he knows how much you care about him.

5. He Invites You Out With His Friends

Of course, he spends time alone with his friends, but he also invites you to hang out with them sometimes too. You and his friends are his favorite people to be around and he wants you to all get along. You might even end up becoming close friends with some of them yourself.

6. He Never Betrays Your Trust

When he says something, he means it. If he makes a promise to you, he’ll stick to it no matter what. Unlike some guys out there, he won’t lie, cheat, or play you for a fool. His respect for you is way too high to ever do those things to you.

7. He Values Your Opinion

Before he makes a decision, he always asks you what you think about it first. It doesn’t matter if it’s something huge or something seemingly insignificant, he still wants to know your thoughts. He trusts your judgment and knows that he can always rely on you for these things.

8. He Shows You That He Cares

When a guy truly cares about you, you won’t need to guess. He’ll show you in the thoughtful things that he does for you, in the way that he looks at you, and the way that he holds you in his arms. If that wasn’t enough, he always tells you how much he really loves you.

Having a guy who does these 8 things for you is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. If your man does them, you’re so blessed to have a someone in your life who cares about you so deeply. Cherish him and do all that you can to show him that you care too.

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Eva Jackson