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8 Terrible Mistakes You’re Making With Your iPhone


iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones on the market. With so many millions of people using them daily, you’d think that we would know everything about using them correctly by now. Unfortunately, most of us make the same mistakes every day.

Read these 8 terrible mistakes you’re making with your iPhone so that you can learn what not do.

1. Not Charging it Correctly

Most people have a habit of charging their smartphones overnight, but this can be detrimental to it. Overcharging it can greatly reduce your battery’s lifespan, making it need charging more frequently.

2. Not Backing it Up

You never know when your phone could be lost, stolen, or broken beyond repair. Backing up your phone’s storage keeps everything safe in case of a disaster. This means that if you lose your phone, you won’t need to worry about losing all your photos and contacts.

3. Not Protecting it

Let’s be honest, iPhones are expensive. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on one, then why would you not protect it? Using a good-quality phone case and screen protector will reduce your chances of breaking it. It’s a small price to pay compared to the cost of a new phone.

4. Leaving it Connected At All Times

So many of us are guilty of leaving our phones connected to everything all the time. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services, all of these are not necessary every minute of the day. Turning them off when they’re not needed will greatly increase your battery life.

5. Not Updating it on Time

It’s understandable that you might not want to update your iPhone. Sometimes they add features that you don’t want or that are just plain annoying. Updating it, however, is crucial for the efficiently of your smartphone. Any irritating features will normally be removed afterward, so it’s best to update your phone on time.

6. Using an Off-Brand Charger

Buying an off-brand charger will save you some money, but it’s a choice that can be dangerous. Most of these counterfeits failed basic safety tests according to one study. They won’t charge as fast as the real thing and they are likely to damage your phone.

7. Never Cleaning it

Any object that you carry around with you all day is bound to be full of bacteria. Your iPhone is no exception. Many people forget to clean their phones which leads to the spreading of nasty germs. You can buy specialized cleaning wipes for your phone in many different stores. If you have these wipes, there’s no excuse not to clean your phone.

8. Never Switching it Off

If your iPhone is left for weeks or months on end without ever being switched off, it will likely start to malfunction. It might turn itself off, start to lag, or the buttons could stop reacting correctly to touch. Your smartphone needs to be rebooted from time to time, ideally around once a week.

If you want your iPhone to last and continue to function correctly, you need to look after it. Most people don’t know all the facts about proper maintenance. If you have the right information, however, there’s no reason to not take care of your smartphone properly.

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Eva Jackson