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8 Subtle Signs That Someone You Love Is Suffering From Depression


Depression is a horrible mental illness. It destroys the sufferer and turns their lives into a living nightmare. The problem is that it can be hard to spot the signs of depression in the people closest to us. It’s only when they’re at their lowest point that we realize what’s really going on with them.

If you can see the signs of their depression early, it can be easier to help your loved one to recover. Here are 8 subtle signs that someone you love is suffering from depression.

1. Spending More Time Alone

They’ve begun to isolate themselves from everyone around them. They rarely go out with friends or family and are ignoring their closest friends. Even if they were outgoing and lively before, they’d now rather spend most of their time away from everyone else.

2. Eating Differently

You’ve noticed that their eating habits have drastically changed. They could be eating too much or too little as well as their appetite being much different. Whichever end of the scale they are on, the amount that they eat has become unhealthy.

3. Having No Energy

They’re constantly complaining about being tired or not having the energy to do anything. Even when the day has only just begun, they’re still completely exhausted. Everything is difficult for them and any activity will quickly drain what little energy they have left.

4. Sleeping Too Much or Too Little

Not long ago, they were sleeping at regular hours every night and were almost always getting enough sleep. Now, they either stay in bed all day or stay awake all night unable to fall asleep. They’re unable to return to a normal sleeping pattern.

5. Not Enjoying the Things They Used to

Your loved one had hobbies and spent a lot of time on activities that they enjoyed. Those hobbies have now disappeared, and it seems like there’s nothing that brings them joy anymore. If they were an artist, they’ve stopped drawing, or if they were a musician, they’ve stopped making music. They don’t even like to go out for a coffee with friends anymore.

6. Being Secretive

They never want to tell you things anymore. Recently, they’ve become a completely closed book and won’t open up to anyone. It seems like they have something that they’re trying to hide or a huge secret that they can’t tell anyone about.

7. Behaving Recklessly

Although it may seem that they’re acting out or rebelling, their recent impulsiveness may be due to depression. They’ve become irritable and aggressive. This has made them act out and behave carelessly, even if they used to be extremely cautious.

8. Seeming Hopeless

Even the most cheerful people can have their optimism ripped out of them by depression. Your loved one has adopted a bleak outlook on life. They believe that the world is meaningless and that their life is hopeless.

If you believe that someone you love has depression, reach out to them. What they need most right now is love, support, and understanding. Be there for them when they need you.

If you’ve picked up on their symptoms of depression early, that’s great. It may be easier to help them now rather than when their illness worsens.

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Eva Jackson