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8 Signs You Should Try Again With Your Ex Who You Still Love

signs you and your ex are meant to be

Ahh… the ex. The person who broke your heart when you two decided to break up even though you were in love with them and you probably still are. It is extremely hard to get over the person with whom you’ve shared everything – you shared your fears, dreams, hopes, and love for them. So, no matter who else might come into your life, they will still occupy that special place in your heart.

Whether things between you ended in a respectful and peaceful manner or they ended with an exchange of hurtful words and slamming the door – it is hard to forget someone who you loved with your whole heart.

If you are anything like me, then you had spent many times wondering whether you two can get back together and work things out. After all, if you were so great together back then, then why couldn’t you be even better now?

How do you know that you and your ex are meant to be together?

Here are 8 signs that show you and your ex are not done with each other and you should give your love another chance:

1. You still have love for them and they still have love for you.

This one may be obvious but if you really want to rekindle the connection and the spark between you, and the person you love have lost the passion and love for you – chances are, things won’t go as you want. However, if you are still wondering about them, what they do, do they have someone else, and really wishing to have them back in your life and you still have feelings for them, you should find whether they still feel the same for you.

2. You find yourself thinking about them constantly, even when you are with someone else.

You’ve moved on with your life. You probably dated other people, but somehow you can’t stop thinking about your ex. And the feelings you have for them still come to you fresh and strong. What’s more telling is that you are thinking about them and missing them when things are going great in your life. That’s how you know you still love them deeply.

3. You have always felt that you two had unfinished business.

If you have broken up even though you were still in love with each other, chances are it wasn’t the right timing. So, you keep feeling like you two have an unfinished business. If your feelings about them are still lingering inside you, then it may be time to continue where you stopped or finish it altogether.

4. Being with them feels natural even though it’s been a while.

Regardless that it’s been months or even years since your breakup when you two meet you are still feeling like you are picking up from yesterday. Everything feels natural. You both feel relaxed when you are together, and you still respect and love each other dearly. They feel like home to you and you feel like home to them.

5. You can still be open with them and talk with them about everything.

Communication is an integral part of every good relationship. And it is an extremely important thing if you want to reconcile with someone as well. If you two still honestly talk about everything and you are not afraid to communicate your feelings with them and vice versa, then chances are – your relationship still has a potential to grow.

6. You have stayed in touch even after much time has passed since your breakup.

People who are meant to be in your life will find a reason and a way to stay. If you and your loved ex are still in contact and are pretty consistent in communication, then this means one thing – you both can’t let the other one go. And the reason why you can’t let each other go? Because there is still love between you.

7. Things between you didn’t work out then but you two are in a better place and time now.

You are both changed people now. You have learned from your mistakes and you are both in a better place in your life. You also know that if you reconcile, the relationship will be better because you both have learned from your mistakes.

8. You have a strong gut feeling.

Your intuition is more powerful than you think. So, when you gut is trying to tell you something – listen to it. If it’s telling you that you should give the relationship with your ex another chance – go for it!

Mary Wright