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At The End You’ll Regret Pushing Away The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Your Sh*t Together


One day you’re going to wake up and realize that she’s no longer waking up beside you, and that most probably, she never will. You’re going to realize that you lost the most precious thing you had in your life.

Because this woman truly loved you. You meant the world to her and she gave you everything she had.

She fought hard for your love and filly invested herself into the relationship. She waited patiently for you to look at her the way she looked at you. To love her the way she loved you. To figure out what you want in life.

But, she got tired. She got tired of begging for your attention and waiting for you to decide whether she was worth settling down with.

She got tired of waiting for you to get your sh*t together.

Maybe in the movies, a woman who is in love waits forever for her man to figure out what he wants in life, build his career, and explore all his options until he finally realizes that she’s the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

It sounds great, right?

Well, my friend, things like that don’t happen in real life.

Life is not a romantic comedy and not all love stories have a happy ending like those in the Hollywood movies.

The thing is, a woman will give you thousands of chances, more than what you deserve. And she’ll do that not because she’s naïve or dumb, but because she believes in you.  She believes that you can change, grow, and become a better man for her. She’ll give you countless chances because she falls in love with every single part of you, including your quirks and flaws.

Because she’s brave enough to let her love for you touch parts of her she never knew existed and break her heart. She’s brave enough to stay in a toxic, troubled relationship because she knows love is not a smooth journey and she never gives up without a fight.

But, when a woman realizes she’s had it enough, there’s no turning back. She’ll give you no more chances. Because when a woman is done – she is done.

Once she realizes that you don’t deserve her love and attention and that her life is way better without you in it, playing with her emotions and sucking the happiness and energy out of her, she’ll walk away. And you can change your habits, attitudes, career – whole lifestyle if you want, but nothing of this will make her change her mind about you and bring her back.

And if you think you can justify yourself by saying that “If she couldn’t handle me at my worst, she doesn’t deserve me at my best” cliché, know that it’s in vain. The truth is that no one has to put up with anyone’s bullsh*t and no one deserves to have a life full of drama and pain because their partner can’t take responsibility for their destructive behavior.

You might think that her decision to leave you was a selfish act, but don’t forget that the way you treated her was the main reason why she decided to finish her chapter with you and move on.

It’s as simple as that. You can’t keep someone waiting for you until you decide what you really want in life. You can’t expect someone to devote all their love and energy to you when you don’t even put the minimum amount of effort into the relationship.

There’s no doubt that you’ll find someone who will be with you when you get your life together. However, the real question is whether you’ll find someone who will be willing to stay with you when all your flaws, whims, and insecurities begin to surface. Someone who will be willing to help you fight your own demons – just like she was.

And I believe you already know the answer. Finding such a kind, unselfish, compassionate, amazing woman will be impossible. She was unique.

That’s why you’ll regret pushing away the woman whose heart was one of a kind and who loved you unconditionally. The woman who knew your soul and believed in you. The woman who felt the sharpness of your cold heart and saw you at your worst, but still decided to stay. The woman who supported you through thick and thin and stayed by your side when there was no one there.

You’ll regret pushing away the woman who did everything for you, but you took her for granted and broke her heart. The woman who was worth much more than you were willing to give.

You’ll regret not seeing her value. You’ll regret not making things right when you had the chance. You’ll regret letting her slip away.

You’ll regret losing the woman who would have endured the most violent storms to be by your side. The woman who loved you deeply and fully committed herself to you, but you pushed her away.

Now, it’s time for her to turn the page. To find someone who will choose to be with her every day. Someone who will love and appreciate her as she deserves. Someone who won’t need to lose her so as to realize what he had.


Riley Cooper