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8 Signs You Are Depressed That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Everyone who has experienced depression knows what a struggle it is. Depression is a dark monster that slowly eats you up from the inside. It is a sadness that doesn’t go away. A sadness that you don’t know where it comes from and why.

Many people are depressed without being aware of their condition. Here are 8 signs that show you are dealing with depression that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Low Energy

When you are depressed, you can easily start feeling exhausted and fatigued. You’ll feel tired and low on energy even if you had a full night’s sleep. That’s because depression is a stressful condition that sucks all your energy away.  

2. Unhealthy Sleep Patterns

Another sign you are depressed is if you have inconsistent and unhealthy sleep patterns. Depression has the power to make you stay up all night, and sometimes you can sleep for days. Both insomnia and hypersomnia are signs of depression.

3. Despair

Having feelings of despair and hopelessness about the future and regrets accompanied by feelings of sadness and remorse for the past makes a person weary, fearful, and depressed in the present moment.

4. Irritability

Depression can not only make you sad, but it can also make you angry as well. If you notice that you are losing your temper more than usual, and lashing out without (a good) reason, you might be dealing with depression which is overwhelming your mind and you can’t think clearly.

5. Eating Disorders

Just like sleeping, unhealthy eating habits can be a sign of depression. You can find yourself eating more than usual or losing your appetite all of a sudden. This is a coping mechanism of your body that is dealing with depression and trying to feel a void.

6. Loss Of Interest

A big sign that you are depressed is when things that made you happy before can no longer excite you. You no longer enjoy doing things you found enjoyable and you loved doing in the past. Now you find them boring and mundane.

7. Feeling Empty

Depression can literally feel like a part of you is taken and you can’t have it back. You will feel an immense void inside you and you can feel like everything you had that made you who you are is lost.

8. Losing Focus

If you often find yourself spacing out during a conversation and you have trouble remembering what the other person said to you a minute ago, you might be depressed. Depression is a condition that makes a person difficult to concentrate.

If you recognize yourself in this article, you should seek professional help and advice.  

Mary Wright