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8 Shocking Facts You’re Not Supposed To Know About


The world that we live in is full of secrets and deceit. Our own governments and world leaders purposefully hide the truth from us. Anything that won’t go down well with the public is hidden from plain sight.

Knowledge is power, and we all need to know the reality behind the society that we live in. These are 8 shocking facts you’re not supposed to know about.

1. In the US, There’s Nothing Backing Money

It’s generally accepted that money needs to be backed by a gold standard. This means that for every dollar bill, there should be gold behind it. The Federal Reserve, however, has stated that they do not possess any gold. The money in your pocket is not lawful, it’s only a dollar because everyone agrees that it is.

2. The US Spends More Than 100% of Tax

Your tax dollars all go to specific funds. This should mean that there is a strict spending budget which the government must follow. On the contrary, the government actually spends more than what it receives from tax. The difference in spending is borrowed and added to the national debt.

3. It’s Impossible to Pay Off the National Debt

Speaking of this debt, it’s important to note that it is mathematically impossible to ever pay it off. The current debt amounts to about roughly $20 trillion. This means that every US citizen, including workers, the homeless, babies, and invalids, would need to pay about $62,000 every year to pay it off.

4. 21% of Your Tax Dollars Go to the Military

No, not to healthcare, social welfare, or anything else that might benefit the people. Almost a quarter of your tax goes into the defence fund to pay for wars. This percentage is also on the rise.

5. Animal Agriculture Accounts for 18% of Greenhouse Gases

The meat, dairy, and egg industries are huge. However, most people are unaware of their terrible effects on the environment. It accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases, which is more than all transportation combined. As well as that, it’s responsible for an estimated 80-90% of water consumption in the US.

6. The US Imprisons More of its Population Than Anyone Else

In recent years, the total prison population in the US has grown by more than 500%. This means that currently, a fifth of the population is in prison. Not to mention the terrible conditions of the prisons in the US compared to Europe.

7. Companies Plan for Obsolescence

The products that you buy are no longer built to last. Companies make items that will eventually become obsolete. This is done with the intention of creating more and more upgrades that you will have to pay for.

8. The Police Are Not Obligated to Protect You

We are told that the police force is here to “protect and serve” but that is not the case. They are in fact not legally obliged to protect the public in any way. Their duties mainly include arresting criminals.

There are so many injustices with how our society is ruled. The worst thing that leaders do is lie straight to our faces. Now that you have the truth of what’s really going on behind the scenes, you can begin to fight back.

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Eva Jackson