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8 Secrets About Your Personal Life You Should Never Share With Anyone


Personal life is called personal for a reason. There are certain intimate parts of our existence and sensitive topics in our lives that we should always keep to ourselves.

I know many people out there who prefer to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They actually don’t mind being just another open book out there. They feel good about sharing their lives with just about anyone.

The truth is, every single one of us has the right to decide whatever the hell they want to do with their lives, but it is very important to understand that we should be very picky with who we share our secrets with. Because, while some people may wish you all the best in life, some of them would love to see you fall.

 Here are 8 things about your personal life you should always keep to yourself:

1. YOUR GOALS          

This may sound weird, but you should know that if you want to achieve your long-term goals, you shouldn’t share them with others. I’m not being superstitious, and I am not implying that doing this will bring you bad luck.

There’s actual science behind this. The truth is, receiving social recognition and praise for something you haven’t even started doing will make it less likely for you to actually do the work.


This goes without saying. We should all aspire to do great deeds, but we should learn that bragging about doing something honorable and kind is simply too much. Telling a few people about your good deed is fine but asking for validation because you did something generous only shows hungry for attention someone is.


Modesty is the most beautiful trait in a person. The truth is we all want to be surrounded by material possessions we personally like. But sometimes we reach a certain state of satisfaction, that we want everyone to about our new phone, or our new care or the expensive purse we got for our birthday.

And while there’s nothing wrong in sharing your joy with someone, bragging about your material possessions might make you come off as rude and obsessed with the financial value of your belongings rather than their priceless significance.


Your bank account balance isn’t something everyone should know. The only people who need to know how much you earn is your boss and yourself. How much you earn is a sensitive, personal issue that you should always keep to yourself.

Money makes the world go round, but it also ruins relationships. Save yourself from those awkward and harmful situations and keep the details about your income to yourself.


Whatever you’re going through in your relationship, it should always be sorted out between you and your partner. Your relationship drama and your personal issues are not something you should share with the world. Have respect for the ones you love by saying everything you have to their faces, not behind their backs.


Be careful who you talk to about your strengths and your weaknesses. Revealing too much information to anyone might bounce back like a boomerang and hit you in the head when you least expect it. Not everyone out there wishes you good luck.


Your family problems are issues you should always sort out with your own family. No one else should ever be involved in that. What goes on behind closed doors is something that concerns only you and the members of your family. So, before you rush out and open your mouth about your family issues, make sure you stop for a second and think about the consequences of your actions.


All of us have our stories about people we genuinely resent. Whether is a schoolmate, old friend or an ex-boyfriend, we all hold a grudge against certain people in our lives. But, no matter how much we hate someone, it’s never a good idea to share that hate with every person we meet. Negativity is everywhere around us. And it is too exhausting to handle.

So, why would you add up to that toxicity?

People prefer to be surrounded by positive human beings who like to be intellectually challenged, not haters who constantly frown and talk trash behind people’s backs.

Do you agree?

Would you add anything else to the list?

Stephanie Reeds