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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Glad To Have An Aunt


Aunts play a vital role in a child’s life. Being an aunt is a special calling. Aunts are friends, teachers, confidants, partners in crime, and second mothers to their nieces and nephews. They are always there for them. They give unconditional love and care about them as is they are their own children. That’s how big an aunt’s love is.

Here are 8 reasons why everyone should be glad about having an aunt in their life.

1. Aunts See Life from Another Point of View

They can help their nieces and nephews with anything and help them with whatever they are struggling. That’s because aunts are very understanding, and they have a different view on life which makes them able to offer great advice and a listening ear to the children.

2. Aunts Never Miss an Anniversary

Whether it is a birthday party, graduation, or a family gathering… an aunt is always there! She won’t miss an event that is important to her nephew or niece for anything in the world. Moreover, she will always buy nice gifts for her nieces and nephews because she loves them and she loves spoiling them.

3. Aunts Are Always There to Listen to The Children’s Problems That They Can’t Share with Their Parents

When her niece or nephew has a problem and needs guidance or advice, their first go-to person is their aunt. Why? Because they are scared or ashamed to share that information with their parents, so their aunt is always there for them. She is always loving and understanding. Plus, aunts know how to keep secrets.

4. Aunts Are Always Giving Love and Affection to Their Nieces and Nephews

Aunts love kissing and hugging their nieces and nephews. They are always affectionate, caring, and loving to them. They like to cuddle and bond with them in a special way. All this makes the connection between an aunt and her nephews and nieces an unbreakable one.

5. Aunts Teach Values

Aunts are like second mothers to their nephews and nieces. They teach them life lessons, values, what is right and what is wrong. And most importantly, they inspire them to grow, learn, and change. They support them always and are there to motivate them to be better, to do better.

6. Aunts Are Always Kind

Aunts always remain kind even when the children make a mistake. They are more relaxed, easy-going, and correct their bad behavior in a funny way. They are nice and warm, and they always have a way to explain what’s right and what’s wrong without getting angry or raising their voice.

7. Aunts Love Taking Care of Their Nieces and/or Nephews

Aunts love to spend time with their nephews and nieces and honestly, they are happy when their parents are away so that they can spend more time with them. They love taking care of them. And the best thing is that aunts do what kids love – and that’s having fun and playing with them!

8. Aunts Are Happy to Have More Nieces and Nephews

When a nephew or a niece is born, an aunt feels wonderful and special. Regardless of how many nieces and nephews have, they are always happy to have another one. Because that means more love, more fun, more joy and happiness that’s been added to her life.

Are you a happy aunt? Or if you have an aunt who is always there for you and you love her with all your heart, share this post and let her know how significant she is to you.

Mary Wright