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8 Reasons Why The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Woman Who Is Afraid To Love


1. She Will Give You Space And Freedom Because Those Are Things She Needs As Well

When you are with a woman who is afraid to love you’ll realize that she is someone who appreciates her alone time because she has spent all her life investing in herself instead of looking to find a partner. Therefore, she will also give you the space you need and she won’t cling on you because she has hobbies and other interests outside of the relationship that she nourishes with passion.

2. She Won’t Rush With Anything; She Will Take Things Slow

She is not a woman who jumps from relationship to relationship because she values them, and she would rather be alone than being in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill her. She is looking for the right person and when she finds someone she likes she won’t rush into things. Instead, she will take it slow because she wants to be sure that it is real.

3. She Is Someone Who Is Grateful And Appreciative Of Everything

She says ‘thank you’ often. She is always grateful when someone does a nice thing for her and she takes the time to appreciate it and express her gratitude. Therefore, when she is in a relationship, she makes sure that her partner always knows how much she cares and is grateful to have them in her life. She was burned before and she knows the feeling of having someone taking you for granted, so she makes sure that she doesn’t do that to someone.

4. She Doesn’t Know How To Be Someone’s Girlfriend

While most women need a title to have security in a relationship, this woman has difficulty being called someone’s ‘girlfriend.’ Because this woman doesn’t need to have a label to feel confident in her relationship. When she enters a relationship, she does it because she completely trusts her partner. She is loyal and she cannot be with someone with questionable loyalty.

5. She Is Brutally Honest

She knows how much it hurts when you have been lied to. That’s why she always tells the truth no matter how brutal it may be. She will never do something to someone that she doesn’t want to be done to her. She doesn’t want lies or someone toying with her heart, therefore she will never play with anyone’s emotions or lie to them. This woman will never do anything to hurt you.

6. She Is Someone Who Is Willing To Put In The Effort

She had relationships in the past where her feelings and her effort were not appreciated by her partner. Regardless of that, she is a woman who always puts in the effort to the things and people that she loves. When she is in a relationship, she wants it to be based on equal and mutual give and take. She will give everything to the relationship as long as her partner reciprocates her effort.

7. She Will Be Guarded At First

You’ll immediately see how guarded she is. She has her walls up because she carries a lot of baggage that is not hers to carry. She is a woman who has been deeply hurt in the past and that’s why she is very careful now. However, when she begins to trust you, her guards will fall down, and you’ll see her wonderful heart and the depth of her soul. It will be at that moment that you’ll realize how precious she is.  

8. She Will Love You Harder Than Anyone Before

When you get to the point where she starts to trust you and believe in you with all her heart, she will give herself all to you. She will love you with deep intensity and passion like you’ve never experienced before. Even though she seemed difficult, jaded, and cold at first, you’ll see that deep inside she has the warmest soul and her love will change you in the most beautiful way possible.

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Mary Wright