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5 Terrifying Signs That You Are In An Abusive Relationship


Most of us think that if we’re ever unfortunate enough to end up in a relationship with an abuser, we’d know about it. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, I myself was in an abusive relationship for 3 years before I opened my eyes and saw what was really going on. It was only then that I started to put little pieces together to see the bigger picture.

The fact of the matter is that when you’re deeply in love with someone, you can become blind to reality. So, pay close attention to these 5 terrifying signs that you’re in an abusive relationship.

1. They Belittle You

It’s a horrible feeling when someone makes you believe that you’re not good enough. Sadly, that’s exactly what your partner does to you. No matter what you do, all they ever see are the negatives. If you achieve something amazing, they will only focus on the things that you did wrong. Likewise, any small mistake that you make is blown way out of proportion.

2. They’re Unpredictable

Of course, people are not robots. They have emotions and can become agitated or upset at any given time. However, your significant other takes it to the extreme. At any moment and without any warning they can completely flip from nice and charming to furious and scary. Along with that, you can never quite tell what they’re going to say and do when they’re around you.

3. They Punish You with the Silent Treatment

Couples need to talk about their issues if they want to fix them together. In any relationship, communication is the key to maintaining a strong and healthy bond. Despite that, your partner chooses a much different approach. If you annoy them or say something that they don’t agree with, they’ll simply ignore you. They do this because they know that giving you the silent treatment will make you beg for their attention. As well as that, it will also make you too afraid to ever make the same mistake again.

4. They Blame You for Their Actions

If they scream at you, it’s because of how stupid you are. If they throw or break something, it’s because you forced them to do it. Whenever your partner does something unspeakable, they will say that it’s because of your actions. Now, you’ve even started to believe that you really are guilty of everything they say. If, however, they can’t blame you, then they’ll say that it’s someone else’s fault instead.

5. They Take Away your Freedom

You have the right to decide who you see, where you go, and what you do. Despite that, your significant other does not give you those rights. They’ve decided that they are in charge of everything in your life. On some occasions, they’ll outright tell you what you can and can’t do. Similarly, they’ll often make you feel so guilty about things that you won’t even want to do them.

Although you may not want to believe it, these 5 things are all serious signs of abuse. Being subjected to any one of them is never okay, no matter how much you may love your partner. Please, for your own sake, get out if your significant other is treating you like this. No one has the right to treat you in that way – you deserve so much more.

Anyone you know could be in an abusive relationship, even if they seem happy on the outside. Share this article with your friends to warn them of which actions are never okay.

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Eva Jackson