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8 Reasons Why I’ll Always Choose A ‘Clingy’ Guy Over A Distant One


Many women can’t stand being with a clingy guy. However, personally, I adore them. I love being in a relationship with a clingy guy, and here’s why:

1. I Like Knowing He’ll Always Be There For Me

I never have to worry about whether he’ll call or text me because he is always there for me. This might be annoying and suffocating for other individuals who want their space, but as for me, the more he is around, the more I get used to him and enjoy his presence and love.   

2. I Love Being His Priority

He always, always puts me first. To think of how many sleepless nights I spend worrying about guys who were taking me for granted, I really love being a priority in someone’s life for a change.

3. There Is No Second-Guessing

One word: CONSISTENCY. The one thing I appreciate the most and the one thing that no one of my ex-boyfriends has given me. That’s why I adore my ‘clingy guy.’ He never leaves me wondering and second-guessing. I am finally stress-free.  

4. He Is Emotionally Open

He is all in. He is 100% open with me about everything. He is not ashamed to get vulnerable and share all his deep emotions with me. He never tires telling me how much he loves me and will never leave me. He smothers me with love, but who doesn’t want that?

5. He Cares About Me And Is Proud To Be With Me

He will do everything for me. He is always there when I need him. Also, he absolutely loves showing me off. He proudly holds my hand in public as if he wants the whole world to know that I am his. And that feels great.

6. He Would Never Cheat On Me

How do I know this? Because I trust him. Because I know that he is a sincere and emotional guy who would never do anything to hurt me.

7. Our Relationship Is Balanced

There is an equal ‘give and take’ in our relationship. I feel like I am finally in a mature relationship where I am loved and appreciated as who I am. A relationship in which someone actually fights about me and our love because he doesn’t want to lose me.

8. He Doesn’t Play Games

He is someone who doesn’t play games because he doesn’t need to. He is not a fan of one-night stands and casual relationships. He gets attached pretty quickly, but his love is deep as the ocean.

Mary Wright