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8 Most Valued Qualities That Most Women Look For In Men


Most people think that when it comes to love and choosing a suitable partner, women are truly complicated and confused people. Some even tend to overexaggerate and say that most women have very high, unrealistic expectations of what their future partner should be like which ultimately keeps them from finding their life companion.

I refuse to agree. And it is not because I am a woman, nor is it because I am offended by these stereotypes. I am just sick and tired of the generalizations that this society makes.

The truth is, women are not hard to love. We are not looking for god-knows-what from a partner. Real women who know their worth are looking for mature and grown men who know what they want in life and are not afraid to fight for those things.

Here are the 10 most valued qualities that most women want in men:


First things first. Honesty is the foundation of every healthy and loving relationship. If two people cannot be open with each other and reveal their deepest secrets to one another, that is not love.

That’s why it’s so important for women to find a man who would not be afraid to be exactly who he is in front of his partner. Real women don’t waste their time on anything less than the real deal.


And what is a relationship without mutual understanding?

Open communication and patience are the second most important marks of a happy and healthy relationship. Women need to be understood by their partners. They want to feel that they have a person beside them who knows them for who they really are. It’s really that simple.


And when I mean strength, I mean both mental and emotional strength. Not to sound harsh or anything, but no woman would ever accept to be with someone who needs babying. Real women want to be with men who are strong enough to take care of themselves. People who know who they are and where they stand in life.


This should go without saying. Women who prefer in monogamous relationships value loyalty. It’s really not rocket science. The one thing that we want the most from our partners is respect and faithfulness.

If you’ve agreed to spend your life with a woman, that means that you have eyes for her only. It means that you’ve sworn to be there to her and love every part of her.


And let’s be honest. Intelligence is an essential part of the whole package. Real women want quick-witted, smart and ambitious men.

They want men who would not be afraid to show initiative. men who would constantly challenge them and inspire them to become better people. Men who would work hard to pursue their dreams.


Go on, do a survey of what women look for in a man and one of the first traits that will pop out will be an amazing sense of humor. If you ask me, this is a quality that is often more important than physique.

Not only do we want a partner who would make us laugh, but we also want someone who would love to make jokes on his own account. Someone who would never stop searching for the brighter, funnier side of life.


A once-in-a-lifetime connection. A pure, unshakable bond. A spark of electricity/ Something that cannot be forced. Something that happens very rare in life. Real women never settle for anything less than that. Remember that.


Do I need to spell it out for you? Of course, I need a passionate, fiery man who knows his way around a lady. Real women don’t have time for mixed signals. They need someone who wouldn’t be afraid to reveal his honest intentions. Someone who would prove his love and do whatever it takes to let his woman know how much he loves her.

Stephanie Reeds