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8 Lies Narcissists Use To Mind-F*ck You And Keep You Around


The common thing for all narcissists is that they use lies to keep around their victims. Even when the victims know that something is not right, narcissists always have some aces up their sleeve that they use to hook other people.

Here are some of the lies they tell.

1. “You are crazy if you think I did that.”

If you catch them red-handed, they will never admit it. Instead, they will blame you for even thinking that they are capable of doing something like that. (How dare you?!)

2. “I guess I was wrong for believing you were different. You are like the others I’ve been with.”

This is a classic guilt trip that narcissists use when they want to make you bad for calling them on their shit and wanting to leave them. They say this to you because they want to challenge you to be “better” than their exes and prove them wrong.

3. “I can’t imagine not having you in my life.”

This is a tricky one because it can also come from an honest person. But, when it comes from the narcissist, it is a big fat lie. When the narcissist says, ‘I love you,’ they actually say that you are convenient to them at the moment and they’ll ditch you the moment they find someone better.

4. “Everyone warned me about you, but I refused to believe them.”

A narcissist will say this to you when they want to hook you in. They’ll make you think that other people are plotting against you and saying nasty things about you, but the narcissist refuses to believe them because they believe in you. This sentence is meant to destroy your confidence and detach you from people that love you, leaving you only on the narcissist’s mercy.

5. “I don’t get why it is only you that can’t understand me.”

This is another way of controlling you and make you trust in whatever lie they tell you. Whenever you decide to step up for yourself and confront them for their behavior, they will play the victim card and make you feel bad for not being able to “understand” their “good” intentions.

6. “Stop being so sensitive about every little thing.”

They will tell you this to try to control your reactions and keep you stuck on them. No, you are not sensitive. Your reactions are normal. But the narcissist will make you doubt yourself to stop you from leaving.

7. “Sweetheart, I promise, this is the last time!”

When the narcissist realizes they have messed up badly, they will immediately tell you that it won’t happen again. (It will.)

8. “My ex was an abusive, horrible person.”

The narcissist will often picture themselves as a victim to gain your sympathy. They will tell you about the “horrible” experience they had in the past whenever you want to leave them to make you feel sorry for them and stay.

Mary Wright