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8 Important Truths About Being A Woman That Women Won’t Openly Share With You!


I’m not going to explain womanhood and feminism to you. That, I believe you already understand. It’s the 21st century and even though it seems like the world has developed by now, I honestly believe that you’ve already come to a conclusion that women’s rights are not always protected the way they should be.

You may wonder why women need feminism when they’re already equal with men, but you’d be surprised to hear that not all of the women out there receive the same treatment. You may dislike the word Feminism because it reminds you of a penis bonfire, but the truth is we need it!

You have both eyes and ears, you know what’s going on out there.

You’ve heard how disgustingly sexist Trump’s statements are, you’ve seen man catcalling women on the street, you’ve heard about women dismissed by an employer just because they’re carrying a child, you’ve seen how hostile are the anti-abortion protests are.

And that is why we need FEMINISM. Known as women being equal to men.

Not penises being cut off or lit on fire. I don’t hate men.

In fact, … “I do not wish women to have power over menbut over themselves.” – Mary Shelley

Let’s be real you know it all. But, not all men out there see it the way that you do. Not all men know how bitter and insufferable women’s reality is, so that is why instead of lecturing you, I’ll share the 8 important things about being a woman that women won’t tell you:


Men, imagine if, at the age of 14, a certain weird liquid suddenly appeared in your pants, all that in the middle of a class. And after that, it turned every month for exactly 30 years. I’m guessing you’d all be like “WTF?” and “Seriously?”, “WHY?”

Well, don’t think that it’s any different for us too. We’re not the chosen ones or the ones who are more in touch with nature, we’re human just like you are. The thing is, we’re also people who have a buttload of laundry issues.


Guys, when we talk about patriarchy, we don’t talk about you. You are just one man. We’re talking about a small group of people who somehow hold a vast amount of power and have influence over others.

Remember, patriarchy is bad for you as much as it is discriminating towards us, women. We are sexually objectified, underestimated, and victimized. But, meanwhile, you’re bullied for showing emotion, punched in the nuts or told to “stop being a pussy” and “man up”.

That is why feminism exists. To put a stop to all of it. We don’t eat men here. In fact, we love them.  All we want is equality.


To all men out there. Imagine getting pregnant at 16 and then facing a bunch of angry anti-abortion protesters all holding huge posters of dead fetuses. How would you feel about it?

Don’t you think that women who desperately want to undertake this procedure know the possible consequence? Don’t you think that they’re terrified as hell? And did it ever cross your mind that perhaps some of these girls were possibly raped women who are trying to get a legal medical procedure, so they don’t ruin the rest of their lives?


Not all of us want to mention this, but we’re scared. The statistics show that 1 out of 6 American women has been the victim of either attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 82% of all juvenile victims are female. 90% of adult rape victims are female.

So, how can a man dare to tell me that women already have their rights and feminism is nothing more than “a bunch of angry lesbians who desperately want to obliterate the male gender”?

We’re afraid to walk the streets at night. We’re afraid of leaving our doors open at night, even when it’s too hot to even breathe. We’re terrified of jogging with earphones. We park in well-lit areas. We walk in groups. We hold our phones close to us and have our friends on speed dial, just in case. We buy pepper spray. We avoid eye contact with men in order to avoid cat-calling, or even worse… assault.


From the very first moment we stepped into puberty, we’ve been cat-called, objectified, sexualized and discriminated.

 We’ve seen our favorite celebrities shamed by the media, we’ve witnessed their privacy being violated by releasing nudes, we’ve learned the hard truth that no money or success will ever protect us from the sad reality of being a woman.

We must have babies while our eggs are still viable, we must accept shitty job positions because we’re women, we mustn’t work harder than men, and we mustn’t be more successful than them because the male ego could never stand that.

So, yeah. We’re tired.


It’s true. We masturbate as much as you do. And being a woman while being completely open about this taboo topic does not make me vulgar. Sharing the fact that women enjoy masturbation as much as men do is not unladylike. It’s normal.


I know you’ve all heard the infamous “I don’t have anything to wear”.  Of course, we have things to wear. I am standing in front of a full wardrobe. It’s obvious we have tons of clothes and combinations to wear.

What we really mean is “I don’t have anything to wear for who I want to be today”.


I know I know… I too feel upset when women say that “Men cannot be feminists”. They can, and they have to be… otherwise, feminism cannot work the way it’s supposed to!

The only way for feminism to thrive and change this world is if only men believe in it and support it as much as women do.  This has to be a populist movement.

We cannot possibly divide into groups thinking that feminism is an only women’s movement. We cannot hide it from certain people and keep it silent if we want it to work out. We have to let everyone have access to it.

After all, men need feminism as badly as women do.

Stephanie Reeds