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7 Things He’ll Only Do With You If He’s Your Forever Person


It can be hard to find the person you’re meant to be with forever. Often, you can be with someone and think that they’re the one, only to come to the realization later that you were very wrong. Likewise, you could be with someone and not be sure if they really are the one for you, even if they are.

Your current man could be the guy that you stay with. If you want to be sure, watch out for these 7 things he’ll only do with you if he’s your forever person.

1. Taking an Interest in Your Life

He completely adores you and wants to know everything about you. If you’re just seeing each other after a long day, he wants to know how you are. Similarly, he wants to hear all the stories that you have to tell about your life before him.

2. Talking About the Future

It’s not just any old future he’s talking about, it’s a future with you. Wit could be about your future house together, getting married one day, having kids, or even just getting a pet. He’ll never shy away from talking about the life that he wants to have with you.

3. Being Honest

Lies and deceit will destroy any relationship, no matter how strong it may be. If he always tells you the truth, then you know that he’s a keeper. A guy who tries to pull the wool over your eyes is not someone that you should waste your time on.

4. Supporting You, Always

You need someone in your corner, especially when things are at their hardest. He’s your go-to for support, guidance, and encouragement. He wants to make sure that you have everything that you need to achieve your goals and live your best life.

5. Being His True Self Around You

He might not be fully himself around everyone, but he is with you. You’re his biggest support and he knows that. Because of it, he’s completely comfortable around you and never tries to put on a façade.

6. Making an Effort to Have Mutual Friends

Sometimes, you spend time alone with your friends and he spends time alone with his. Although that’s fine, he also wants your group of friends to intertwine sometimes. He wants to get to know the people closest to you and for you to get to know his friends too.

7. Treating You With the Respect and Care that You Deserve

It’s an obvious one but it’s something that we often overlook. If a guy treats you like trash, there’s no way that he could ever be your soulmate. He can only be the one for you if he’s kind, caring, compassionate, and loves you with his whole heart.

Do these 7 things sound like your man? If so, then you may have been lucky enough to find your forever person. Never settle for a guy who doesn’t do these things for you because you’ll only end up feeling let-down by the person who’s meant to love you.

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Eva Jackson