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How to Find Your Spiritual Path: 5 Ways


For many people, spirituality is a lifestyle. They think that spirituality enthusiasts are people with unique temperaments, always trying new things that are not really needed in everyday life. In fact, spirituality is very influential on how we live; this is a way of life not a lifestyle. With spirituality we can find the true meaning of life, we can determine where we will go and most importantly, we can determine our ultimate purpose. Without spirituality we will be trapped in a zone where we are only a dry leaf floating in the ocean, the sea of life. You certainly don’t want to live just being tossed around by other people around you. You need a life guide to make sure your life has meaning. These life guides can be obtained from increasing your spirituality level. (1)

Spirituality determines how we treat others. This is very much related to the evolutionary process that distinguishes us from animals. There are no spiritual animals as well as no human being who 100% relies on only his instincts. A person who is spiritually intelligent will be able to control all the potential that is possessed to realize something meaningful in life. For many people, being a spiritualist is difficult but for us, being happy is the first stepping stone. Without being happy again then all your steps will fall into unpleasant situations that actually stem from unhappiness.

High standard

High standards are often misunderstood by many people. They often assume that being a spiritualist means living away from others, meditating on a mountain peak or in a cave and eating wild animals. We don’t need to do it all to become a spiritualist. What we need is reflection. Yes! Only contemplation, reflect on what has happened to us, where we are and where we are going. Spirituality is not running away from life but rather bringing life closer to us. Do you now understand the nature of spirituality? Are you ready to start your spiritual adventure?

The question now is how do we change ourselves to be more spiritual?

It’s really easy. You only need to follow the following five steps and you will be able to find your spiritual path in a relatively short time.

1. You must be close to your spiritual side

The sentence above feels quite confusing. You must get close to your spiritual side. How? One of the easiest ways is to go to the wild. By seclusion for a moment in nature, you can reflect. Remember that brooding is the basic step to finding yourself on the spiritual path. You can hear the sounds of nature without having to be disturbed by noise and other people. This does not mean you will be like an ascetic or something. You need time for yourself before you go back to your life routine as someone new. Spirituality is the energy of life and it can’t be obtained instantly. We all come from nature and what is better than bringing ourselves closer to nature?

2. Maybe you need time to meditate

Meditating is practical which requires concentration. This practice is done to control the mind and achieve the highest awareness. The highest awareness in question is the awareness of who we really are and what we really dream of in life. By meditating, you can enlarge our spiritual activities. This is actually a technology, a technology of life. By meditating, you can also enlarge your divine energy and put it in our system. The immediate effect that can be taken is a stable emotional state and clarity of mind. There is no one with a high level of spirituality without a clear mind. How can we have a clear mind if we do not meditate? You don’t need to be an expert to be able to meditate. Just calm your mind and center it at one point. Practice this so you will gradually develop to the next level of meditation. (2)

3. Ensure the purpose of your life

Spirituality has no close connection with stagnation. By becoming a spiritualist does not mean we will be stagnant. With spirituality we can develop in a better direction. For many people who do not understand, spirituality means stagnation. Stagnation is a condition where we do not develop and this is not the goal of spirituality. You must realize that individual development does not occur randomly, that means it can’t be done without concentration of mind. And by concentrating the mind we can be one step closer to the higher spiritual level. Focusing on the mind is also great for eliminating bad thoughts that will prevent us from finding our spiritual path. If you want to be a truly successful person then setting your life goals as early as possible is very important. Without purpose you will only walk without direction and no random trip can provide success. Finding your soulmate is a kind of the life goal.

4. Strengthen your character

No successful person without strong character. This is basic law. If you don’t have a strong character, you will fall out in the middle of your spiritual journey. You will not be able to reach the finish line and all your efforts will end in vain. Before deciding to increase your spirituality then strengthen your positive characters first. As long as you have a weak character or personality, you cannot achieve what you have planned before. What you have to realize is that everyone has weaknesses and that it can’t be denied. However, you can’t give up because of these weaknesses. You can make peace with them without having to eliminate them completely because that is impossible. You can strengthen your positive characters so that your spiritual efforts are not disturbed by your negative characters. To develop our character, we can also learn from others. Attractive women, full of confidence men and optimistic teenagers are those who are well aware or not through a spiritual journey that helps mentally. It is also necessary to acknowledge your weaknesses or you will continue to hobble while lying to yourself. Lying yourself is a bad start to finding your spiritual path.

5. Divinity instruments

The divine instrument is ultimately the main goal of your spiritual journey. By becoming a representative of God on earth, you can become a whole person, both physically and spiritually. Humans are created to help each other and this is our basic nature as social beings. Don’t imagine spirituality is achievement. This is about how to live in harmony with others and also nature. When we realize that serving and helping others is a necessity, we have arrived at the highest awareness as the ultimate goal of our spiritual journey. What can help you to reach that highest awareness faster? Arhatik Yoga practices might help you. This practice consists of 5 Yoga virtues, each of which is designed to bring spirituality into everyday life. This is not talking about creating and becoming an ascetic but about how you can draw yourself closer to your spiritual side.

From the five points above we can conclude that finding a spiritual path can be started from simple things and recognizing who we really are is the beginning of everything.

Hopefully this article can help you find your spiritual path. Thank you for reading and good luck!

David Smith