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7 Reasons Why An Aunt Is The Greatest Blessing In Every Child’s Life


Aunts are these amazing, wonderful people that bring a special something into our lives. They are like our second mothers, but at the same time, they are also our best friends, sisters, our teachers, our entire worlds. In a nutshell, aunts our safe havens. The place where we seek refuge from the cruel world. The people we go to when no one understands us.

Here are 7 reasons why aunts are the greatest blessing in every child’s life:

1. They are the best listeners. Because of their role, unlike our parents’ role is much different. Hands down, if it wasn’t for my aunt, I don’t think I’d make it through some of my struggles. It’s not that my mother or both my parents weren’t there for me. I’d say, it is more about the relationship I have, and I believe everyone has with their aunts. It cannot be explained, only felt.

2. They teach children life’s most important lessons. It’s their different point of view and unique perspective of life that makes us feel comfortable sharing more with them. And therefore, accept our mistakes as a normal part of life. As our stepping stones, rather than failures.

3. They keep secrets and give the best advice. Children don’t always share their issues with their parents. And as much as that sounds wrong, it’s absolutely understandable. We’ve all been there and we’ve all felt what is like to be misunderstood. Now, aunts on the other hand… Aunts, unlike parents, see the bigger picture. They have an objective way of thinking and instead of teaching us a lesson by scolding us, they do it through giving us advice.

















4. They give the best presents. Every child knows that aunts always give perfect gifts. I don’t know what’s the philosophy behind that, but I am guessing that it has pretty much to do with their unconditional love for their children. And it’s always those things that parents wouldn’t buy for their children out of fear that they will spoil them. Well, guess what. Aunty is there to spoil her little nieces and nephews, no matter what. And no one can do anything about that.

5. They are the perfect balance between fun, open-minded, and strict. They are the ones you go to when you’ve done something wrong, but you are too afraid to confide in your parents. There is something in the way they approach children. Their way is much gentler and much more compassionate, which makes it easier for children to open up and share more. There are no treats, no shouting, no nothing. Only, good, old, eye-to-eye conversation.

6. They are the best role models. The truth is, children won’t remember what someone said to them. They will remember the way someone behaved. And they will copy everything the people around them do. That is why a loving and caring aunt is the greatest blessing in a child’s life.

7. They provide children with cousins. Last, but probably one of the most important reasons is the fact that aunts provide their nieces and nephews with their cousins, or shall I say, their best friends for life? Cousins can be just the same as siblings if the connection is built from a very young age. And I swear, there is nothing more precious and fulfilling than those bonds. Those connections last a lifetime. And it is for a reason. Because you are bonded not only through blood, but through unconditional love, as well. 

Stephanie Reeds