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To Infinity and Beyond: NASA Facts That You Might Not Have Heard About


One time in our lives, we have all wished to be an astronaut. NASA is one of the organizations that can grant us our greatest wish of going into space. Every single day, they aspire to always reach the unreachable, break down the barrier between what’s considered to be possible to man and where no man has ever set foot before.

There is no planet or a point in space where NASA can’t get a hold of, but it’s just a matter of time and resources. All the space facts that we have heard are impossible without the exceptional work of space programs such as NASA. They have been a long way since the beginning of the space age. 

All the discoveries they found to range from breathtaking to downright spooky. So, in this article, we will be giving you some NASA facts that you might not have heard about. Take a more detailed look at the organization behind some of humankind’s best discoveries.

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

Long before it was called NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), it was called the NACA. Former President Woodrow Wilson established the organization to oversee and direct the scientific study of the problems during flight.NACA’s primary duty was to direct and conduct research and investigations relating to aeronautics.

More than Space 

NASA is more than space exploration. You might not know this, but NASA is the one making satellites that would ultimately aid Earth’s scientists to know more about the planet. The organization sends space probes to examine things in and outside of our solar system. Even with that said, Earth is still NASA’s most examined planet.

Space Shuttle

One of the many things that it is capable of doing, NASA’s space shuttle transfers significant parts to and from the International Space Station. It carries parts needed in building and repairing the ISS. The Space Shuttle can carry seven astronauts at a time. It can take satellites to outer space that would orbit the Earth. Moreover, NASA has been doing some experiments with 3D Printing for efficiently transporting cargo.

Aside from carrying people, important parts, and cargo, the Space Shuttle is also a moving workstation for scientists. However, it is worth noting that doing and conducting experiments in space is much harder than how they regularly do it on Earth.

Requirements to be an Astronaut for NASA 

Before you get to be a NASA astronaut, you should have compiled 1,000 hours of flying time. That is only one of the many qualifications NASA requires you to have aside from having a university degree. They also prefer someone who has a military and aviation background to join their space program.

Total Workforce

We all know that astronauts are the most famous employees of NASA. However, they are not the only people responsible for NASA’s achievements and endeavors. NASA’s total workforce includes several scientists, teachers, lawyers, secretaries, writers, and engineers.

First American Woman Space Walk

Katherine Sullivan was the first-ever American woman to do a spacewalk on October 11, 1984. Together with Commander Dave Leestma, they conducted an Extravehicular Activity or better known as EVA for three and a half hours throughout STS-41G. This milestone showed the viability of satellite refueling for NASA.

First Image of a Black Hole

The first picture of a black hole in history was taken on April 10, 2019. It was the first time the world ever saw a clear image of a black hole and its shadow. It was captured using the Event Horizon Telescope and was made possible by an MIT graduate, Katie Bouman’s algorithm.

NASA’s Internet Speed Hoax

We all wish that we had lightning-fast internet speed, right? The NASA internet speed hoax began in May 2014 when they conducted an experiment. They were only finding the fastest transfer speed among their computers in a short distance. 

Human Spaceflight

It’s a known fact that NASA is at the center of the human spaceflight programs. NASA is the pioneer for space adventures in the United States, which started from their Space Shuttle, Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini programs. This legacy only carries on with Orion and the International Space Station. The organization has a workforce of over 10,000 people.

The Solar System

The solar system isn’t only composed of the planets combined. The Sun binds all the planets by its gravity, which revolves around the Sun. However, the solar system isn’t complete without the meteoroids, the number of moons, comets, asteroids, and floating debris in space.


Space is truly one place that we have always wanted to venture to. But there are a lot of qualifications and standards that NASA imposes before being included in their space programs. We’ll never know what’ll happen, so it’s better if we don’t lose hope and give up on our dreams of reaching the vast expanse of space.

David Smith