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7 Massaging Points To Instantly Calm Down Your Fussy Baby


Reflexology is a practice of massaging the feet in order to stimulate the nerve endings that correlate to certain organs in the body. You can massage certain points of your baby’s feet to achieve different results.

Before you start massaging your baby, make sure that your baby is relaxed and there is enough blood flow to its foot by gently rubbing it. Then, read about all the reflex points below and begin your massage. Apply gentle pressure and bear in mind that the nerve endings can be sensitive, especially if your baby is sick.


Massage your baby’s tips of its toes when they are teething to soothe their pain. You can do it while they are sleeping so they will be less likely to wake up from the teething pain.


The underside of the center of your baby’s toes is connected to the sinuses. By gently massaging these spots, you will help your baby with a range of allergy and cold symptoms, as well as with their sinus pain.


If your baby struggles with congestion in its chest, then gently apply pressure on the pads of their feet, just under your baby’s toes and above the arch. That area corresponds to their chest. By massaging this spot in a circular manner, you will help your baby relieve the discomfort from coughing and congestion.


If your baby has discomfort due to its upset tummies, tightness, spasms, or has trouble breathing, a light and gentle massage to the center of their foot, just below the pads of their feet where the arch begins, can do wonders for your baby.


By massaging the space between the pads of your baby’s feet and the middle of their foot, you can alleviate problems with indigestion, heartburn, and constipation.


The spot between the middle of your baby’s foot and their heel is connected to the lower abdomen. By massaging it, you can help your baby if they are suffering from bloating and gas in the lower intestine. They are very common reasons for their discomfort.


The heel of the foot is linked to the tummy, the hips, and the pelvis. Because babies grow fastly, tightness and pain in their hip area are very common. By lightly rubbing your baby’s heel you can alleviate this problem with constipation and a sore tummy.

Should you have any other concerns for the health of your baby, by all means, visit a doctor. However, reflexology is a safe and effective complementary therapy and it is worth trying.

Mary Wright