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63-Year-Old Model Reveals The Secret Of What Keeps Her Feeling Young


Yazemeenah is a 63-year old model whose outlook on ageing is so refreshing that overthrows every stereotype.

She says that she doesn’t see the point about all the fuss about ageing. For her, it is really simple. She says that everyone must face that we have a limited time on Earth and that like nature, we are organic, and we are going to die just like every living thing.

“So, when you face that once and for all, you want to be, like, in the blooming state the maximum as possible and bloom and express this beauty.”

She started modeling at 30, an age when most models retire. She is a mother of two and she looks stunning.

“When I was 20, I was not a model at all, but I was dressed up to go and buy bread at the bakery. High heels, suit, makeup, hair done… And slowly this job of modeling freed me about all this. And now you see, no makeup, happy like that. I love it! I love to be free. I love to be free as I am,” says Yazemeenah.

And how does she keep herself feeling young?

She says that she keeps her youth by always willing to try something new. She is curious and excited about new things, seeing new things, trying new things, creating new things…

That’s how you stay forever young according to her.

Do you agree?

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