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6 Ways Your Body Will Try To Warn You That You Are Not With The Right Man


We should not underestimate the power of our intuition and our body’s way of telling us what is right and what is wrong. Yes, our body does speak, and we should really start paying attention to its physical and emotional warnings so that we make better life choices.

And when it comes to love, our body also has a way to tell us that we are not with the right man. Here are 6 warnings of a woman’s body that show she is not with the right man.

1. You Have A Low Self-Esteem

Of course, you should always believe in your fabulous self, but the right man should make you feel even more incredible and confident that you are on your own. The right man will love you, cherish you, and be your biggest fan.

If you are feeling insecure, fearful, and doubtful when you are with your man, then he is not supporting you and he is not meeting your needs. You deserve better!

2. You Smile Less and Less

When you are in love with the right person, you should have a smile on your face any time you think about them. Yes, you might try to hide your unhappiness in front of your friends or your partner, but your body knows the truth.

If you are not happy with him, you should really reconsider your choice of a partner. Because even though you might love him and feel extremely sad to break up, your happiness comes first. And if the thought of him does not put a smile on your face, then it is time to call it quits.

3. You Are Stuck In A Rut

When you slip into a routine you let the passion in your relationship die. Important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays, should make you feel excited and joyful.

If you feel like you are just completing a chore by buying gifts to your partner and surprising him because you have to, not because you are inspired to – it is a problem. You should be with someone who will bring you back the zest for life.  

4. You Are Emotionally Drained

Of course, no relationship is perfect. Relationships need work and they are not always rainbows and sunshine. However, you should feel revitalized and emotionally fulfilled when you are with your partner.

If you feel emotionally drained and even physically exhausted when you are with him – then you should really consider the possibility to leave the relationship and move on. Because what’s the point in being with someone who sucks your energy and leaves you tired and emotionally empty?

5. You Stopped Thinking About Yourself and Your Needs

Yes, we are all guilty of sometimes making our partner the sole center of our universe, but you should never forget about yourself and your own needs.

If you only care about meeting your partner’s needs and he doesn’t do the same for you – then you know in your heart what you should do.

6. You Are In Denial

We, women, are extremely intuitive creatures. When it is not right, we feel it in our gut. When the relationship is not making us happy, we feel it, but still, we choose to ignore our intuition and start telling ourselves that everything is okay, and we are only imagining things.

If you have to justify your feelings of disappointment and unhappiness to convince yourself to stay in the relationship, then really you should just leave.

Image: Lukas Wawrzinek

Mary Wright