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6 Ways That The Girl With Anxiety Shows Her Love


When you have anxiety, it takes over your whole life. It will infect your work life, your social life, and even your love life. As hard as that may be to accept, this is a disorder that does not take a break, and it certainly won’t stop when you’re in love.

So, it only makes sense then that when a woman with this illness loves someone deeply, she’ll love differently than most people would. Here are 6 ways that the girl with anxiety shows her love.

1. She’s Wary

This is the kind of girl who’s always overanalyzing every situation. No matter what, she’s thinking of every possible outcome and studying her partner’s words carefully. Sadly, she can be extremely fearful when she falls for someone since she’s so afraid to lose them. Although it may get easier with time, this will be especially true in the beginning.

2. She’s Emotional

Little things are a big deal to her. It may be frustrating to deal with sometimes, but she’s a sensitive soul and a chronic overthinker. As a result, she may seem overly emotional sometimes. Likewise, she may not be able to handle arguments, no matter how small they are. Despite that, she will still try her hardest to stay level-headed.

3. She Puts in the Work

In spite of all the challenges that may arise, loving this girl comes with a lot of benefits too. Mainly, she’s not afraid to put in some effort to make her relationship work. More than anything, she doesn’t want to see the person that she loves most slip away from her. So, she’ll work hard to keep her relationship strong and her love blossoming.

4. She’s Thoughtful

Unfortunately, this girl is constantly focusing on the little things that are seemingly meaningless to some people. This alone can make her feel overwhelmed and alone at times. However, this can also come with an advantage too. As well as focusing on bad things, she also thinks of positive, small things too. Because of that, she’ll always do thoughtful things for her significant other.

5. She Needs Time to Recharge

Her mind is a dark and confusing place. More often than not, her thoughts and anxiety can completely consume her, and she can become exhausted as a result. When that happens, she’ll need a little space and time to recharge her batteries. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her partner, however. On the contrary, it simply means that she wants to get back to her normal self so that she can give her partner the love that they deserve.

6. She Goes the Extra Mile

This girl may be sensitive and paranoid, but she’s also sweet and caring. Although her fear of disappointing others may be her downfall sometimes, it also means that she’s willing to fight for her relationship. She’ll go above and beyond just to make sure her significant other is happy and well.

If you love a woman with anxiety, please be patient with her. Take the good with the bad and you will see that all the wonderful things about her will make up for her anxious nature. Likewise, with time and care, you’ll watch her grown into someone stronger too.

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Eva Jackson